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(Christel? Schmidtmer)
24 December 39 is born in Mannheim, Germany. Her father is Jakob Schmidtmer, who works for the Western governments. He will disappear in Russia after the war.
? spends most of her childhood with her grandparents in a small village near Zurich
? attends St. Giles School in London to learn English
? at age seventeen she is courted by a powerful man of British royalty, who offers her to become his protégé
59 runs off to Munich, Germany
? performs in afternoon stage productions for children in Munich, Germany
61 - 63 does stage shows in Duesseldorf, Germany
62 is on TV and debuts on the Berlin stage in The Doorknob Polisher
? does a nude layout in German Er magazine
? Max Factor hires her for an American tour as its featured model
64 visits the New York World’s Fair with Max Factor
actor-director Jose Ferrer spots her for his upcoming Verspaetung in Marienborn, a.k.a. Stop Train 349. During filming, she becomes very friendly with her co-star, Sean Flynn.
65 becomes friendly with Jose Ferrer filming together Ship of Fools. The friendship will last until his death in 1992.
becomes acquainted with director Russ Meyer when filming Fanny Hill and with his wife, Edy Williams, afterwards
August 65 is engaged to language teacher and editor Michel Thomas, whom she met at the Chateau Marmont and was introduced to by director Otto Preminger. He's 43; she's 23. / He’s 45; she’s 25.
November 65 is featured in Modern Man
? director Stanley Kramer recommends her to producer Hal B. Wallis for his upcoming Boeing Boeing
January 66 columnist Earl Wilson heralds her fiancé a European intellectual whom she "trapped" into coming to a party where she was the only guest besides him
March 66 is featured in Playboy
November 66 is featured in Ace. The photos were taken at her Berlin apartment in 1962.
? during the filming of Boeing Boeing, she is engaged to a Paris banker
? is offered a seven-year contract and a part in an Elvis Presley movie. She will date Elvis a few years later.
? among others, she is engaged to an Israeli and also has Arab suitors
? Liberace throws a party celebrating her engagement to an American millionaire. Later she'll claim that every man she met was into children, which she didn’t want and would become the reason she never married.
c. 74 is offered a part in Move Over, Mrs. Markham
June 74 works for five weeks in Airport 1975. She tells: "For five weeks, day in and day out, I sat in that plane acting out an impending crash. Then I flew to Chicago to do a beer commercial. Wouldn't you know it? The captain comes on the intercom to announce engine trouble."
c. 76 during the filming of Swashbuckler, an off-screen fight with her boyfriend leaves her with blue marks on her face and body
80 publishes her autobiography “My Wild Nights in Hollywood” in German magazines
Early 90s works as a licensed real estate agent with numerous million-dollar sales in Southern California
? works on her memoirs
94 her apartment is destroyed by fire
95 her address is 1770 N. Highland Avenue, Suite 796, Hollywood, CA 90028
00 lives in Heidelberg, Germany. Her address is: P.O. Box 12 06 17, 69067, Heidelberg, Germany.
13 / 30 March 03 dies in Heidelberg, Germany, of natural causes, after an accident
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