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(Margaret Elizabeth Sheridan)
29 October 26 is born in Los Angeles, California, to Thomas J. and Julia P. Sheridan, nee Daly
? is a hostess of the Flying Tiger airlines
? is one of America's top-ranking fashion models
c. 45 her picture on a magazine cover attracts the attention of producer-director Howard Hawks
May 46 marries William F. Pattison, an air transport pilot. He’s 26; she’s 20.
c. 47 is scheduled to play the lead in Red River but announces her pregnancy the day before the picture starts. Joanne Dru gets the part.
27 February 47 her daughter Ann Patricia is born in Los Angeles
March 49 will be opposite Montgomery Clift in Howard Hawk's version of Ernest Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises. Hawks has been grooming her for three years.
July 49 Hawks is reported preparing Morning Star, "which deals with a group of scientists in New Mexico who try to reach a planet by rocket ship. As they're about to start, a green-haired dish from Venus lands on earth to help guide them through space. Hawks would like Gary Cooper for the scientist and her for the gal."
February 50 she and Hawks provoke lifted eyebrows when showing up together at Ciro's. Columnist Harrison Carroll notes: "No significance, though. I am assured his fiancée, Marion Marshall, was ill."
November 50 columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that she is "extremely clothes-conscious as a result of her modeling experience and she was overjoyed when told that Michael Woulfe, one of Hollywood's best-known designers would do her costumes for The Thing. The joy lasted no longer than it took her to read the script. Her entire wardrobe for the picture will be comprised of one slack-and-sweater outfit, one ski suit, and one pair of red flannel pyjamas."
Howard Hawks has her under contract for five years and no doubt hopes the investment will start paying dividends
29 March 51 is crowned "Azalea Queen" at the Azalea Festival of Wilmington, North Carolina. Her coronation ball is held in Wrightsville Beach. Marine Private Willie Ray Tipton, wounded in Korea in November 1950, will be her escort for all activities.
April 51 will be Maggie, "a beautiful blue-eyed, black-haired Irish type," opposite Gregory Peck in Howard Hawks upcoming The Left Hand of God
May 51 the press heralds her to be "THE gal to watch in the 1951 movie glamour sweepstakes"
July 51 Screen Stories considers her a pea-in-a-pod with Jane Russell
October 51 will be Kirk Douglas' leading lady in The Left Hand of God
Late October 51 files for divorce from Pattison in Los Angeles, avoiding the headlines by using her married name. They have a 4-year-old daughter.
Early November 51 columnist Erskine Johnson reports that she and Pattison "have parachuted out of their five-year marriage"
February 52 studies real estate sales at a high school. After her graduation, she will apply for a license and will sell property in the San Fernando Valley on weekends und during studio vacation periods.
March 52 she and Brad Dexter discover each other during the junket to Nevada for the premiere of The Las Vegas Story and "now their romance is the hottest in town. Howard Hughes may make them a romantic team on screen as well as off."
models one of her favorites, "a simple black crepe dress, adorned with ropes of pearls casually looped at the throat"
April 52 promotes The Korea Story with Easter eggs and cheesecake promos
columnist Jimmy Fidler reports: "It's a right-about-face for Howard Hughes' No. 1 bet for femme stardom, Margaret Sheridan. After co-starring in two dramatic films, The Thing and Korean Story, she's now being groomed for film musicals - singing and dancing lessons five hours each day..."
May 52 her romance with Brad Dexter is no more. "Margaret was with manufacturer Harvey Dwight at the June Hutton-Frank Fontaine opening at the Mocambo."
Late May 52 is named "Miss California Newspaper Advertising of 1952" and is presented with a Crosley Console TV set. She will reign at the California Newspaper Advertising Managers Association Convention held June 6-7 at the Santa Barbara Biltmore.
June 52 is heralded the latest "film femme to think out loud about nightclub engagements. She's been studying singing and can appear at the Flamingo or the Desert Inn at Las Vegas any time she chooses..."
October 52 picks up her final divorce decree from Pattison
c. 53 marries attorney Paul Wellington Wildman. He's two years her senior.
August 53 poses with football star Paul Cameron, Burbank's gift to UCLA. "The All-American candidate is working this summer at Allied Artists studio where Miss Sheridan is starring in Pride of the Blue Grass."
October 53 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: "London is giving the big star treatment to Margaret Sheridan, who is there to co-star with Dennis O'Keefe in the first 3-D picture to be made in England, Million Dollar Diamond. And more happy news for Margaret. Her attorney-husband Paul Wildman, is flying from Hollywood to visit her..."
23 June 56 her daughter Julia L. is born in Los Angeles
14 August 58 her daughter Eileen M. is born in Los Angeles
Mid-60s the Wildmans reside in Studio City
December 65 she and her husband attend the annual Christmas cocktail party given by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wyman of Studio City
28 January 67 is on the hostess committee of the Dollars for Scholars benefit, held during a Lawyers Handicap Day by the Lawyer's Wives of Los Angeles at Santa Anita Race Track
28 November 67 as Maggie Wildman, she is chairman and hosts two tables at the St. Francis de Sales Parish, Sherman Oaks, presentation Fashion Holidaze, held at the Empire Room of the Sportsmen's Lodge. Singer-actor Russell Arms is guest artist.
June 68 attends the League for Crippled Children's black-tie dinner dance at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel
October 68 she and her husband attend the League for Crippled Children's 26th annual Jack O'Lantern Ball in Beverly Hilton's International Room. Cocktails at the Empire Room precede dinner.
April 69 attends the League for Crippled Children's annual Talisman Luncheon at Beverly Hilton's Grand Ballroom with two of her daughters. A society columnist knows: "Eileen Wildman, a Pinafore, and her big sister Julie Louise, a Teenette, came to applaud their pretty mother Margaret (Mrs. Paul) Wildman of Studio City, member of the senior league, who modeled pantsuits and other outfits"
October 70 participates in several luncheons held by the Los Angeles Lawyers' Wives, a fundraising group that assists the Los Angeles Legal Aid Foundation and law school students at USC, UCLA, Loyola, and Southwestern
March 71 "looks good in black crepe evening pantsuit with cutout midriff" in the Grand Trianon Room of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where Lawyer's Wives celebrate Kate and Advocate birthday
March 73 is among the Lawyer's Wives of Los Angeles celebrating their annual Kate and Advocate Ball at Jack Ryan's castle in Bel Air
October 73 is reported among the guests of the annual Jack O'Lantern Ball
the Wildmans reside in Sherman Oaks
? resides in Laguna Niguel, California
1 May 82 as Margaret Elizabeth Wildman, she dies at age 55 in Orange, California, of cancer
11 May 83 Wildman dies almost exactly a year later at age 58 in California. He served Southwestern University for 28 years as student, faculty member, dean, and president. Southwestern Law School establishes a scholarship program in his memory.
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