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(Gladys Maxine Cooper)
12 May 24 is born in Chicago, Illinois, to Richard E. and Gladys R. Cooper
? attends college in Vermont
? gets her training at the Pasadena Playhouse
? does soldier shows in Europe
? is on the London stage and BBC-television and performs at the American Theater in Paris
51 is back in Hollywood and seen mainly on television
27 January 52 her son, Christopher, is born
55 in a stage production of Peer Gynt, she is discovered by director Robert Aldrich for his upcoming Kiss Me Deadly
c. July 57 marries 38-year-old Universal-International screenwriter-producer Sy Gomberg near Reno, Nevada
30 July 58 her daughter Marsha A. is born in Los Angeles
July 64 her daughter Katherine S. is born in Los Angeles
13 February 01 becomes the widow of Gomberg, who dies at age 80 of a massive heart attack in Los Angeles
4 April 09 as Maxine Gomberg, she dies at age 84 at her Los Angeles home
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