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22 March 33 is born in Whitefish, Montana, the daughter of a druggist
c. 45 works as an usherette at a small town theater at age 12. When she accidentally sets fire to the popcorn machine, she's fired on the spot.
? develops a beautiful soprano voice
c. January 56 performs at New York's Maisonette Room
January 56 columnist Walter Winchell knows that she "won't reveal the name of her Canadian pursuitor, but he's a shipping tycoon..."
January 57 Winchell thinks she, "the St. Regis lark and Robert Wilderer, ad agency executive, are a fifty-seventuality..."
? attracts the attention of Hollywood by appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show"
February 59 is set for the female lead in the Marty Rackin and John Lee Mahin production of Montego, to be shot in the West Indies in October. The film concerns a millionaire heiress who falls in love with the operator of a fishing boat. Mahin and Rackin want William Holden for the lead.
1 April 59 secretly marries businessman Eugene C. McGrath in Bloomington, San Bernardino County. He was formerly married to actress Terry Moore and operates a thriving insurance enterprise in Panama, where he has three brothers, including a 38-year-old arch bishop of the Catholic Church. She will reveal their marriage to the press on April 30.
1 May 59 she and McGrath are off to London, England, on a combined honeymoon and business trip
Late September 59 finishes her role in Captain Buffalo and goes on a honeymoon with her husband of four months. Departing for Panama arm-in-arm, they tell columnist Earl Wilson: "There's no family on the way yet, but when it happens we'll send up a rocket."
November 59 is reported ordering an electric run-about, a battery powered car
May 60 expects her first child in August
June 60 cuts a platter of the Captain Buffalo theme song
July 60 her son, Michael Ford, is born in Nassau, Bahamas. She and her husband were on board their yacht South Wind when she had to be rushed to the Princess Margaret Hospital. The birth is one month premature. His middle name is a salute to director John Ford who brought her into the big time in his picture, The Horse Soldiers.
Mid-January 61 opens triumphantly at New York's Plaza Persian Room wearing one of her all-fringe dresses worth $10,000
29 December 61 her second child, Mary Ardath Maureen, is born in Los Angeles
February 63 producer Leon Fromkess chooses her for the singing strip teaser in his upcoming The Long Corridor, a Freudian thriller
March 63 says she’ll spend about five months of the year in Panama and the rest of the time in movies, stage musicals, or supper clubs
? studies at Los Angeles' stripper temple The Pink Pussy Cat for her part in The Long Corridor
August 63 is reported chummy with some members of the Kennedy clan and is noted as one of the nation's best-dressed women
October 63 says she’ll raise her children to be bilingual
25 March 64 model fashions at the Heart Fund Benefit in Reno, Nevada
April 64 singer-actor Howard Keel wants her for the part of Guinevere in his touring of Camelot
January 68 opens at Palm Beach's Royal Poinciana Playhouse. Heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post is among the celebrity guests.
December 69 sings Indian Love Call at the 90th birthday party gala for Czech-born composer Rudolf Friml, held at the Shubert Theater in New York City
Summer 70 does The Sound of Music at the Jones Beach Theater, Long Island
November 70 will be among the guest stars of Guy Lombardo's "New Year from the Waldorf" show
Summer 71 repeats her hit, The Sound of Music, at the Jones Beach Theater, Long Island
May 72 she and actor John Gavin are reported resuming their romance. Friends say that because both are divorced Catholics, they can't get married in the Catholic Church and, therefore, won't marry at all.
September 74 quietly marries John Gavin in Santa Monica. He's 46; she's 41. He has two daughters from a former marriage to Cecily Evans.
March 76 columnist Earl Wilson spots her and Gavin at the Russian Tea Room
77 is on the New York stage in The King and I opposite Yul Brynner
Summer 80 is again in The Sound of Music at the Jones Beach Theater, Long Island
December 80 she and Gavin are among the guests at Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Getty's party at the Georgian Suite off Park Avenue. Other celebrities are Nancy and Zubin Mehta, the Prentiss Cobb Hales, Connie Mellon, Pane de Hoys, Count Vega de Ran, and Bill Chan. Peter Duchin is at the piano.
c. early 80s President Ronald Reagan appoints her husband U.S. Ambassador to Mexico
85 is reported parting her time between her hostess duties at the embassy in Mexico City and her role in TV's daytime soap "Capitol"
Fall 85 sets up her "Operation Connie" project to aid Mexican children crippled in the devastating Mexico City September earthquake
December 95 her husband is on the boards of several companies, including Atlantic Richfield, Dresser Industries, and Pinkerton's. "He and his wife have four children."
November 04 attends the Soap Opera Digest Nominees Reception Party at the White Lotus Lounge in Hollywood
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