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(Edwina Beth Williams)
9 July 42 is born in Salt Lake City, Utah
12 July 63 is crowned "Miss California Bikini" in Los Angeles. Runners-up are Anna Steffen, 2nd; Marlys Burdette, 3rd; Anna Lena Lund, 4th; and Lois Lea, 5th.
Mid-July 63 is crowned "Miss Tarzana" at the Scampi Inn in the Valley. She will compete in the "Miss World" contest.
Late September 63 is chosen "White Cane Day Queen" and will reign over Tarzana Lions Club drive to raise money for the blind, October 4 and 5. She and her five ladies-in-waiting are chosen by members of the Tarzana Lions Club.
14 December 63 representing Encino, she's among 13 finalists in the first annual "Queen of Queens" beauty tournament held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The others are Beverly Adams, Burbank; Glynda Quinn, Pasadena, Texas; Marilyn Tyndall, Hollywood; Penny Holland, Los Angeles; Pamela Sims, Inglewood; Rita Wilson, Foulton, Kentucky; Carolyn Joyner, Shreveport, Kansas; Raquel Welch, Hollywood; Madeline Mack, Pacoima; Kay Devault, Metropolis, Illinois; Connie Downey; and Margo Spinker, Elgin, Illinois.
64 is crowned "Miss San Fernando Valley"
24 January 65 reigns over the first annual Rose Bowl Rodeo presented by Casey Tibbs, nine-time world champion cowboy, in Pasadena
June 65 is the reigning "Miss Encino"
January 66 is among the winners of producer Ross Hunter's international talent search. The others are Brian Bedford, London; Julie Sommars, Fremont, Nebraska; and James Farentino, New York City. All four will get the big build up.
February 66 is among the starlets attending the opening of Long Beach’s newest theater, the 500-seat Plaza
2 June 66 is on hand to greet the "Miss San Fernando Valley" contestants during their lunch at Universal City Studios
68 is a brunette but goes blonde for George Axelrod's The Secret Life of an American Wife
wins the Golden Calf Award by Willy's of Hollywood, the fashionable hosiery designer
June 68 is seen with Frank Calcagnini at Charles Elkins’ ice skating party at the Laurel Plaza rink
October 68 she and Actors Guild president Charlton Heston cut the ribbon to the new Publicists Union cottage at the Motion Picture and Television Country House and Hospital in Woodland Hills
? studies acting at San Fernando Valley Junior College
November 68 is on the cover of Knight
Early December 68 columnist Walter Winchell reports Jack Jones trying hard for her. "Man, does that boy move around!"
19 December 68 presents diplomas at the International Guiding Eyes graduation ceremony in North Hollywood
c. 69 meets Miguel Aleman, former president of Mexico and one of the world's richest men, during a 20th Century-Fox publicity tour in Mexico. There are rumors of a romance. "We are," she says, "dear friends."
69 during the filming of I Sailed to Tahiti with an All-Girl Crew the boat gets stuck, and she and the other girls have to jump into the water. So all of her falsies come floating out from the top of her bikini.
August 69 hailed "a Lady Godiva of the waterways," she is pictured riding Orkie, a killer whale, at Marineland of the Pacific in Los Angeles
November 69 striking a pose at a Santa Monica post office, she draws attention to the post office's deadline for mailing packages to servicemen in Vietnam
70 meets director-producer-writer Russ Meyer at 20th Century-Fox. Upon their first introduction he signs her to one of the co-starring roles in his Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
June 70 a Hollywood spokesman announces that she will marry Meyer on June 27
27 June 70 marries Russell A. Meyer in Los Angeles. He's 48; she's 27. It's his second marriage, her first.
c. 72 the press notes Aleman visiting her in California. She's "an old girlfriend of Aleman's." She admits seeing him during his visit, but it was strictly business. "He wanted to sign me for a three-picture deal," she says.
June 72 denies printed reports that she and Meyer are having marital problems. "Russ has been in Barbados for six weeks making a movie. It's with a British cast, and he doesn't want any publicity, so people in this town just naturally assume he's moved out for good. Nothing could be further from the truth. He will be home in a few more weeks."
is busy with Doris Day's pet project "Actors and Others for Animals." She got interested in the project when instead of buying an expensive poodle with a pedigree, she went to the pound and bought a mongrel for $3.
December 72 will co-star with Aldo Ray and Alberto Sarno in A Voice in the Night, to be filmed in Italy and Hollywood
April 73 is expected to star in her husband's upcoming Viva Foxy
26 June 73 files for divorce from Meyer in Hollywood saying he was always going on fishing trips. "When you're a sex symbol you need a man around the house," she claims. She's pictured leaving divorce court in tears. After her divorce, she will be seen out with George Jessel, Henry Kissinger, and sportsmen Reggie Jackson and Wilt Chamberlain.
September 73 columnist Earl Wilson reports that she, "separated from Russ Meyer, is vacationing in Mexico"
July 74 writes from Rome, Italy, that she's "very much in love" with British actor Richard Johnson. "He makes me feel very feminine - that's very important for a sex symbol!"
writes that her romance with Johnson is over because he's now "geographically unattractive." She's living in Rome; he had to move to London.
August 74 insures her breasts with Lloyds of London for $1 million
September 74 is pictured poolside in Rome on the shoulders of Argentine heavyweight Oscar Bonavena
December 74 escorted by fans, she enters Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Airport to board a flight to California. She will spend the Christmas season in the States.
September 75 declares Mickey Cohen is still her number-one fellow. They are mentioned in Time magazine.
is scheduled to present the major picture prize at the Virgin Islands Film Festival in November. "I can't imagine why they would want me down in the Virgin Islands," she says.
October 75 after a divorce hearing, there's a brief scuffle between a photographer and a publicity representative of hers. "I was just upset over testimony that said I threatened to shoot my husband. I have never threatened to shoot him." She seeks shares of his $220,000 home on Mulholland Drive and Meyer's latest film, Supervixens.
5 November 75 divorces Meyer in Los Angeles Superior Court. Meyer charges she attacked him with a knife and kicked him in the groin having obtained a court order forbidding her "using a gun or any dangerous weapon" against him. Superior Court Judge Paul Breckenridge denies her request for $4,100-a-month alimony, half of Meyer's film company, and rights to his latest movie. Her lawyers argue, "she was a serious actress whom Meyer exploited as a sex symbol and subsequently ruined." She is awarded a $900 a month for seven months and half of their $220,000 home. He's 52; she's 33.
December 75 wearing only bikini panties, she strides across the ring and kisses Ruben Olivares, former bantam and featherweight champion, before a boxing match in Inglewood, California
76 gets engaged to Randy Bibb
May 78 attends the Cannes Film Festival where she's driven nude all over town on top of a sports car. That will become a habit for years to come.
September 78 catches the press with an unscheduled striptease before the start of a Mohammad Ali-Leon Spinks championship fight at the New Orleans Superdome
January 05 attends the book signing party for Dr. Ava Cadell's Pocket Idiot's Guide to Oral Sex at the Erotic Museum in Hollywood
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