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(Lois B. James)
23 September 21 is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, of Swedish descent to Clarence Frederick and Helen E. James, nee Green. Her older sister, Claire W., will be crowned "Miss America of 1938" and become an actress.
9 July 28 her brother, Robert C., is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
30s her mother moves the family to California from Minnesota to get the girls into motion pictures. They buy a large estate at 1287 Ozeta Terrace, West Hollywood, California. The house has a huge rolling front lawn, two standard bull dogs and a view all the way to Catalina Island.
July 41 columnist Jimmy Fidler heralds that she and William Tracy blue-penciled their marriage plans
December 41 Fidler writes: "Seems only yesterday fine-actor William Tracy was a kid star; now he's practically at the altar with Lois James, young actress..."
March 42 Tracy presents her with a diamond engagement ring
May 42 is selected "Miss Foreign Trade of 1942" by Los Angeles business men
Fidler reports that the Lois James-William Tracy nuptials are postponed "for the duration"
she and Tracy hope to make it a double ceremony when her sister, Claire, and director Busby Berkeley take the vows
26 March 45 marries Tracy in Las Vegas. He's 27; she's 23.
27 September 51 her daughter, Patricia Ann, "Patty," is born in Los Angeles
? divorces Tracy; he will die at age 49 in 1967 in Hollywood
September 62 marries cameraman Charles Scott Welborn, a.k.a. Scotty Welbourne, the ex of actress Tessa Prendergast, in Yuma, Arizona. He's 55; she's about 41.
25 May 79 becomes the widow of Welborn, who dies at age 72 in Los Angeles, California
27 December 80 as Lois B. Welborn, she dies at age 59 in Los Angeles, California
25 February 85 her daughter dies at age 33 in Los Angeles, beaten to death by her boyfriend. Afterwards he sets her on the sofa next to himself, where she remains for a week before she is noticed missing.
06 her and her family's story is told in Dandelion, an upcoming book by Catherine James
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