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3 May 24 is born
42 is crowned "Miss Chicago"
Early October 45 columnist Walter Winchell reports: "Movie actor Tom Drake (whose spouse is unwinding) has selected the ring for Suzi Crandall, a model..."
October 45 columnist Louella Parson's tells that she can't take the Tom Drake-Suzi Crandall twosome serious
February 46 is glimpsed at the Biltmore Bowl with actor Robert Hutton
March 46 poses with Orville Grove of the Chicago White Sox holding a bat
she and fellow starlets Leza Holland, Angela Greene, and Jean Winfield are pictured enjoying a wiener roast on Santa Monica Beach
July 46 she and fellow starlets Jane Harker and Arlene Dahl promote the 20th anniversary of sound pictures
September 46 columnist Barney Oldfield advises: "Note to Harry Prouty, if in Lincoln: George Raft is trying very hard to get your pal Suzi Crandall's number while she's in New York..."
November 47 is among the celebrities at the entertainment show of the Armistice Ball at the Oakland Civic Auditorium
11 June 48 discloses in Hollywood that she will marry airfield operator Benjamin F. Hitchens on June 26
May 49 after a search of six months, she and Robert Neil are selected to play the leading roles in Prize Maid
December 64 teaches modeling
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