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21 January 34 is born in Dublin, Ireland, the daughter of Emmet Dalton, one of the heroes of the Irish Republic
? attends the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Dublin
? moves with her family to London
? studies for several terms at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art
c. 52 a London-based Paramount executive notes her in a play and asks her to audition for the upcoming The Girls of Pleasure Island
March 52 goes to the States with the two other chosen girls, Joan Elan and Dorothy Bromiley.
17 March 52 lands in America on St. Patrick's Day
May 52 actor Don Taylor is reported complaining that he has the cold of the year. "Day before he'd spent kissing Audrey Dalton,18, a newcomer from Britain, for a screen test."
November 52 columnist Harrison Carroll reports that the long schedule of Nearer My God to Thee will keep her from going home to England for Christmas. Instead, she'll spend the holidays in San Francisco with the parents of her fiancé, James Brown.
Spring 53 she and fellow newcomer Don Taylor are on a USO tour of Korea. They have to travel over 20,000 miles by helicopters and other means to reach isolated bases.
January 53 secretly marries UCLA student and basketball player James Brown of Los Altos, California. He's 23; she's 19. He will become a TV executive and assistant director.
22 January 53 tells the press in Hollywood that she will marry Brown next summer
c. 6 May 53 her studio confirms her January marriage to Brown. The press tells they met at a college party.
Mid-May 53 columnist Walter Winchell laments: "About two hours after our copy was winging its way to you all yesterday, our there-in itemed hunch that 19-year-old Audrey Dalton and UCLA student James Brown were secretly wed, was confirmed in the daily prints..."
October 53 she and Brown expect their first child
22 October 53 her first daughter, Tara Anne, is born in Los Angeles six weeks after the end of filming Casanova's Big Night. She says: "And I'll do it again. Why should people know? The wardrobe people knew, but nobody else did until I told them."
August 54 columnist Erskine Johnson tells that she, "who took time out for motherhood, is resuming her career minus something she brought over from England when Paramount imported her for The Girls of Pleasure Island. Her British accent."
c. 54 Paramount releases her from her contract
September 54 applies for permanent residence in the United States, planning to become a citizen
11 June 55 her daughter Victoria Patricia is born in Los Angeles
24 April 57 her son James E. is born in Los Angeles
57 has a problem with producer Jules Levy while filming The Monster That Challenged the World when he wants her to go without a bra to compare with sexy Barbara Darrow
23 November 59 her son Richard P. is born in Los Angeles
July 77 divorces Brown after 25 years of marriage
20 July 79 marries Rod F. Simenz, an engineer, in Los Angeles. Both are 45.
02 is still married to Simenz
July 03 is scheduled to attend the Western Film Fair in Charlotte, North Carolina
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