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Virginia De Lee
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c. 35 is born in Hollywood, California
? marries Bennett Michael De Lee, her business manager
? is a Hollywood model
56 is featured in Glamour Parade Vol. 1 # 1
June 56 is on the cover of Escapade
December 56 is on the cover of Tempo
February 57 is hailed the most perfectly formed model by Hungarian-born sculptor Joseph Dubronyi
her measurements are 35-22-35
April 57 is featured in Picture Digest
June 57 columnist Erskine Johnson wonders about TV's new publicity stunts and advertising gimmicks: "A 225-pound giant of a fellow, a four-foot midget and a gorgeous harem girl named Virginia De Lee walked into my office. Virginia was wearing a smile and not too much else. The midget and the giant, dressed as slaves, unrolled a small rug, and served me a cup of what they said was Egyptian coffee. 'We are here,' Virginia cooed, 'to remind you that the Tyrone Power movie Suez will be on TV tomorrow night. It's the premiere performance of a series of 20th Century-Fox movies on KTTV'"
is featured in Fotorama
October 57 files for divorce from De Lee in Los Angeles charging cruelty. She claims that her fame meant nothing to her husband, who slapped her around and tried to choke her. She testifies that he hit her frequently during arguments over his inability to hold a job. He's 24; she's 22. De Lee will remarry and settle in Sedona, Arizona.
November 57 is on the cover of Picture Scope
is on the cover of Bold
December 58 is featured in Stare
May 59 is featured in Tempo
January 60 is featured in Sir!
June 62 is featured uncredited in Playboy's "Scuba Gear and Scuba Dear" spread by photographer Peter Gowland
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