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17 July 28 is born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
November 45 tagged a school girl actress, she is appraised as Merle Oberon's 12-year-old daughter in This Love of Ours
? attends Hollywood High
22 August 49 her parents announce her engagement to Harvey Coffman. The groom's parents send written consent of the union. He's 19; she's 21. The bridesmaids will be some of her schoolmates from her Hollywood High School graduating class.
5 May 51 as a publicity stunt, she's on hand to kiss the first GI off a transport returning Army combat veterans from the Korean War to Seattle, but he doesn't like it. "Wait a minute," he says. "I'm married and my wife is here someplace waiting for me." Two military police finally move in and lead him away.
? marries producer-director Laurence S. Sauber, a.k.a. Larry Stewart
February 58 poses with Kuldip Singh, 26-year-old native of India, to promote their upcoming segment of "Shirley Temple's Storybook"
5 July 58 her daughter Carrie L. is born in Los Angeles
22 October 60 her daughter Kathleen E. is born in Los Angeles
97 Stewart dies at age 66 in 1997 in Los Angeles
? as Sue England Stewart, she resides in Van Nuys, California
19 March 18 dies at age 89 in Los Angeles
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