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(Virginia Gayle Hunnicutt)
6 February 43 is born in Fort Worth, Texas, to Colonel Sam Lloyd Hunnicutt and his wife, the former Mary Virginia Dickerson
June 66 graduates from UCLA with a degree in drama
February 67 the press reports from her filming of Criss Cross at Universal, Stage 18, headlining: "Drama Takes Place On Set At Girl's First Big Scene"
? meets British actor David Hemmings at a Thanksgiving party at Peter Lawford's beach house. Later, she'll remember: "I was just getting out of the pool and he was coming toward me. I was simply fascinated by his face."
Late September 67 goes through a marriage ceremony with Hemmings in Sorrento, Italy. He's 25; she's 24. He has two children from a previous marriage to Genista Lewis.
5 October 67 she and Hemmings are pictured arriving at Dallas' Love Field en route to Fort Worth to meet her parents. "A New York columnist reported that they were secretly married. A Fort Worth newspaper quoted Gayle's father as saying 'I'll be surprised if they are married.' The couple refused to confirm or deny the report. Hemmings stated that they would make no comment until after talking to Gayle's parents."
Early October 67 columnist Earl Wilson reports: "David Hemmings' admission of his secret marriage to actress Gayle Hunnicutt of Fort Worth was quite an event at Arthur. After David had told it all, Gayle, bride of a few days, said: 'You've got a big mouth,' at which he smiled..."
Late October 67 Hemmings hosts a press party for Alfred the Great at London's Dorchester hotel. "David and his wife Gayle Hunnicutt are attending all the big premieres, common at this time of the year."
December 67 joins Hemmings on location for The Charge of the Light Brigade in Ankara, Turkey
29 December 67 Hemmings says in London that he and Gayle were never legally married but went through "a form of marriage ceremony" in Sorrento, Italy, last September. She's reported to have left London to stay with friends in Paris. British newspapers quote her: "The ceremony was emotional and impetuous and, we realized later, quite invalid."
February 68 Wilson tells that Mel Ferrer "is extremely interested in attractive Gayle Hunnicutt, who recently acknowledged that her wedding to David Hemmings was probably not strictly orthodox..."
March 68 tells the press that her way to Hemming's heart was through "her home-cooked Chinese food: an hour later the honeymoon was over..."
forgets her marital bust-up with Hemmings via writer Tom Mankiewicz. Hemmings forgets with Jane Merrow of The Lion in Winter, to whom he once was engaged.
Mid-March 68 Wilson notes her exploiting her upcoming P.J. at San Marco restaurant
19 March 68 for the second time, she's caught trying to smuggle her two tranquilized Yorkshire terriers, Cathy and Heathcliffe, through London's Heathrow Airport. Due to British law the pets must spend six months in quarantine.
April 68 Hemmings invites her to spend the summer with him in Ireland
Late April 68 Wilson reports that she and Hemmings have resumed their romance in San Francisco. "Hemmings flew from London for a 3-day reunion with Gayle who started filming Wylie opposite Michael Sarrazin..."
June 68 is reported dating writer Tom Mankiewicz
July 68 columnist Walter Winchell notes them wearing that "daffy expression that lovers wear at the Hempstead Pub on Long Island before jetting to Eire..."
owns "an A-frame Swiss chalet house on the side of a mountain in the Beverly Hills area. She has a sky-blue bedroom - everything blue and white, and a living room done in nature's colors. It's a place where she can find privacy from the hubbub of movieland."
September 68 is signed for her third starring role for MGM's The Little Sister
October 68 she and Hemmings attend the premiere of The Charge of the Light Brigade
16 November 68 marries Hemmings at the Beverly Hills home of Jack Hanson, owner of the popular celebrity nightclub The Daisy. Both are 26. The ceremony is performed by the Reverend Henry Huizenga of the Beverly Hills Presbyterian Church. She, wearing a Victorian style wedding gown, is given in marriage by her father. Among the 100 celebrity guests are Steve McQueen, Samantha Eggar and Tom Stern, Nancy Sinatra and Jack Haley, Tuesday Weld, Anna Karina, Susan St. James, Michael York, Peter Lawford, Herb Alpert, and Noel Harrison. Screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz is Hemmings' best man. Photographers crowd outside but are barred from admission by a ring of security guards. Later, there will be rumors that one guest managed to inject a whole lot of "pot" into the big cake and "everybody was going to the moon."
19 November 68 she and Hemmings are off to Acapulco, Mexico, for their honeymoon
Early 69 accompanies Hemmings to location filming in Ireland
May 69 the press reports that her tempestuous courtship with Hemmings was not half as tempestuous as their marriage
July 69 she and her husband are on location filming for Fragment in Fear in Salerno, Italy
she and Hemmings deny that talk about trouble in their marriage but "this hasn't been doing much to put a stop to the talk."
October 69 she and Hemmings are guests at Hugh Hefner's TV party "Playboy After Dark"
March 70 columnist Jack O'Brian tells that George Peppard didn't believe she's pregnant "but only wished to get out of her film commitment with him, so her hubby David Hemmings flew her to Hollywood to prove the battle of the bulge..."
70 her son Nolan is born. He's named after the character his father played in The Charge of the Light Brigade.
Late 70 returns to California after living in England for a few years. "I' made my last film six months ago," she says. "Now I am concentrating on being a wife, mother, and interior decorator - in that order."
13 June 71 she and Hemmings are among the celebrity spectators of famed matador El Cordobes' bullfight in Jaen, Spain
November 72 films The Legend of Hell House in London
April 73 columnist Dorothy Manners reports that Gayle and David have separated since the completion of their movie, Voices. Hemmings attends the Hollywood party of producer Robert Enders with Alana Collins Hamilton; she remains in England.
May 73 the press tells from Cannes, France, that the big gossip in Europe is her affair with Lord Snowdon, husband of Princess Margaret. Bob Enders, producer of Voices, says he's partially responsible. "It was my suggestion that we hire Lord Snowden as still photographer on the movie. I didn't know that it would rock Buckingham Palace."
June 73 she and Hemmings are reported "hemming & hawing..."
November 73 conducts a number of interviews for ABC's special "An Invitation to the Wedding of HRH the Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips"
June 74 says she doesn't understand rumors that she's romancing Lord Snowdon. "I've met Lord Snowdon three times at the most." She, her son Nolan, and a nanny are scheduled to return via Los Angeles and New York to London for more acting.
November 74 sues for divorce from Hemmings in London. Her divorce petition is filed among a list of undefended suits in the London Divorce Court. Gayle names as "the other woman" Baroness Prudence de Casembroot, who for the last year has been Hemming's secretary.
19 December 74 divorces Hemmings because of alleged adultery
February 75 there are rumors she will marry the Duke of Wellington's son
February 76 is quoted saying "I understand infidelity by a man. There is a double standard and I accept it. I myself believe in being totally faithful, but I would never expect that on the part of any man I'm with. All I ask is that he use a little discretion because I just don't want to know."
April 76 is reported stepping in when Diana Rigg walks out on the BBC serial "Anna Karenina"
September 76 there are rumors she will be Roger Moore's love interest in the upcoming The Spy Who Loved Me
November 76 she and actor Rex Harrison are reported "a hot item in London." He's 68; she's 33.
27 December 76 is Peter Pan on the London stage
12 December 80 is among the guests at the Chichester, England, wedding of British TV actress Alexandra Bastedo and theater director Patrick Garland
78 marries British author and political journalist Simon Jenkins, ex-editor of The London Standard
c. 82 her son Edward Lloyd is born
84 publishes her first book, Health & Beauty in Motherhood, at Viking
86 she and Jenkins live in an early Victorian house in London
09 divorces Jenkins
31 August 23 dies at age 80 in London
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