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(Ruby Joyce Wilbar)
21 October 40 is born in Middlesboro, Kentucky, to Gladys M. and William R. Wilbar. Her mother will be mentally abused by her alcoholic husband, and her sister will be physically abused by her husband.
? is raised in Lake City, Tennessee
? graduates from high school in Tecumseh, Michigan
? enrolls at Patricia Stevens Modeling School and is one of three finalists of Young Model of the Year
? is first runner-up in a preliminary to the "Miss America"
July 62 columnist Walter Winchell reports: "Beautiful Julie Parrish (new to Girltown) is actor Nicky Blair's scloosiv-skewp..."
14 August 62 has her name legally changed to Julie Parrish. She tells Superior Court Commissioner A. Edward Nichols she picked Julie as her stage name when she played the part of a girl with that name and "fell in love with it." Her address is 415 North Sycamore Avenue, Los Angeles.
? becomes friendly with fellow actress Anne Helm
? goes to Hollywood via a contest to publicize a Jerry Lewis movie
July 65 is a member of the Turf writers and Hollywood Stars team
c. 66 audits for a role in Paradise Hawaiian Style, but producer Hal Wallis is unimpressed. When she finally gets the part, she considers him to be an old lech, despite the fact that he’s married to actress Martha Hyer. On the first day of filming he invites her to his office and kisses her briefly on the mouth. While on location, he will constantly call her and ask her out.
66 is on stage in Boston with Memo
? is on the Hollywood stage in After the Fall
66 co-star William Shatner tries to make a pass at her when she’s a guest star on "Star Trek." Actress Majel Barrett will later tell her that he’s the same with everybody.
67 becomes very friendly with Goldie Hawn while filming Good Morning, World
August 67 models fashions in local newspapers
March 73 advertises feeding shelters and birdhouses in local newspapers
00 is a counselor for battered women at the Havens Hill Shelter
1 October 03 as Julie Parrish, she dies at age 62 in Los Angeles, California, of ovarian cancer
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