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(Ann Evelyn Allen)
8 March 25 is born in Los Angeles, California
? marries George F. Zika
29 March 43 her son, Joseph Allen, is born in Los Angeles
9 December 45 her daughter, Princella, is born in Los Angeles
September 50 as Ann Zika, she is working as a Hollywood model and as an extra in movies when she is added to the cast of Katie
October 50 columnist Erskine Johnson tells: "Ann Zika and Camille Williams, a couple of movie show girls shipped to Chicago to plug Tea for Two, saw a gangster get plugged by a cop on a street corner there. ‘We weren't at all excited,’ Camille told me. 'We've seen the same scene too often in Hollywood. Bogart does it much better.'"
March 51 is heralded "the most beautiful bit player in town." "And what happens," she says. "I allure for a day and a half. I am through and I wait for my next party, maybe at Fox, maybe at Metro. But I'm sick and tired of parties." She's also tired of drinking fake champagne all day and dancing with no music, to orchestras that don't play.
55 is a model and seen on TV
8 May 55 seeks $36,500 in damages from the owners of a dress shop who allegedly allowed a "wild and vicious" ocelot to attack her. The suit is filed against the operators of Carole Chris of California, a North Hollywood women's apparel store, claiming she suffered forearm and leg bites which left disfiguring teeth marks and caused her to lose a part in the film Six Bridges to Cross. The press gives her age as 27.
August 56 she and her co-stars in Utah Blaine, Rory Calhoun and Susan Cummings, are pictured with 3-year-old leukemia victim Vicki Reynolds, who visits their Jamestown, California, location. University of California doctors said that Vickie has only a few weeks to live.
Late September 56 settles the $35,000 damage suit out of court. The amount of settlement is not disclosed.
March 57 as Ann Zika and tagged as an NBC starlet, she promotes a Kibitzer chair in local newspapers
61 resides in Eagle Rock, California
19 February 81 her son, Joseph, dies at age 37 in Los Angeles
12 January 99 becomes the widow of Zika, who dies at age 77 in Sun City, California
? as Ann E. Zika, she resides in Sun City, California
17 March 16 dies at age 91 in Studio City, Los Angeles
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