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(Jill Arlyn Oppenheim)
19 August 40 is born in Los Angeles, California, to Edward Oppenheim, owner of a prosperous restaurant, and Betty Lou Oppenheim, nee Goldberg
c. 46 begins acting on radio at age 6
48 appears as Missie Cratchett in the first full-length TV film, "A Christmas Carol"
? starts at Powers Professional School in Hollywood
? is member of the Children's Ballet Company in Hollywood
? is an early regular on "The Red Skelton Show"
51 plays Minnie Oakley in the West Coast company of Annie Get Your Gun, headed by Martha Raye
? her mother changes her name to St. John
Spring 55 wins her diploma from Hollywood Professional School
? enrolls at UCLA for a full four-year course. She chooses dramatic art as her major, psychology as her minor. There it’s discovered that she has an IQ of 162.
56 plastic surgery alters her nose at age 16
February 57 dining solo, she’s discovered at a Beverly Hills restaurant by William Shiffrin, who’s a guest at a nearby wedding reception for actress Linda Darnell
12 May 57 elopes with Neil Master Dubin, young vice-president of a Los Angeles linen supply company, to Yuma, Arizona. He's 22; she's 16.
? remarries Dubin in Las Vegas, Nevada, because they aren't sure if the first ceremony was legal
? remarries Dubin in Los Angeles on the insistence of his parents
June 57 is tested by Universal-International; she measures 39-19-36
3 March 58 is signed by 20th Century-Fox
End March 58 is appointed honorary fire chief of Universal City
Mid-June 58 columnist Harrison Carroll tells that by orders of 20th Century-Fox she will stay out of Lance Reventlow's private plane or any other plane until after the finish of The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker
End June 58 Carroll writes: "To celebrate the start of her role in The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker, 17-year-old Jill St. John received a ring from Barbara Hutton's son, Lance Reventlow. Not a diamond to wear on the engagement finger, however. It's a gold ring, set with an antique Persian turquoise surrounded by four sapphires. Lance flew Jill to Santa Barbara in his private plan just to have lunch the other day. It will be a while, of course, before Jill can have any serious romance in her life. She hasn't yet received an interlocutory decree of divorce from estranged husband, Neil Dubin. 'I didn't ask for alimony or community property,' she declares. 'All I want is my freedom.'"
she and Reventlow are pictured dining at her studio. "He has been dating her three or four times a week and even gave up road racing yesterday to be with her, but she says she has no intention of becoming serious about anything except her acting career." He's 22; she's 17.
Early July 58 Reventlow gifts her with a gold whistle
3 July 58 gets her divorce from Dubin in Los Angeles Superior Court complaining her husband's nagging made her break out in hives and that he harassed and ridiculed her. Her witness is Barbara Brady.
August 58 columnist Hedda Hopper tells that Reventlow is sending out invitations to 200 to celebrate Jill's 18th birthday on August 19. There will be neither press nor photographers. "The Cary Grants probably will chaperone since Cary's always been found of the lad."
October 58 columnist Louella Parsons tells: "Barbara Hutton has promised to meet her son Lance Reventlow in New York at Christmas, and Lance is taking Jill St. John to introduce her to his mother. The young man is serious in his intentions, but he doesn't want to marry Jill until his mother meets her."
is regatta queen at the Sahara Cup unlimited hydroplane title on Lake Mead, Nevada
November 58 divides her dates between actor Barry Coe and Lance Reventlow
is seen lunching at the 20th Century-Fox commissary with Al Hedison
21 November 58 is among the Deb Stars introduced to television audiences by Bob Hope. The others are Nancy Walters, Tuesday Weld, Andra Martin, Judy Nugent, Theodora Davitt, Judy Meredith, Myrna Fahey, Kathy Nolan and Arlene Howell, "Miss U.S.A. of 1959"
December 58 dines out with Barry Coe
columnist Earl Wilson tells that she was dating Bob Evans in New York while Reventlow was auto-racing in the Bahamas
Early January 59 columnist Walter Winchell writes: "Jill St. John and Bob Evans had some of us fooled when they said they merely were making personal appearances on tour for the Inn of the Sixth Happiness movie. But that's how these things start. Back here in town they are inseparable."
Reventlow is seen at the Embers scene with Cynthia Brooks
Mid-January 59 is seen at Ciro's with John Gebhart
End January 59 though their romance is reported washed up, Reventlow phones her from Paris
Harrison tells: "Lance Reventlow got Jill St. John out of bed at 5 a.m. to tell her, via trans-Atlantic phone, that he would be a week later than expected getting back from Rome. He asked her what he should bring her. 'A handsome Italian,' she laughingly replied."
March 59 Harrison tells that Bob Neal flew into town for a month and "he's trying to get a date with Jill St. John. Jill's latest gift from Lance is a pearl and diamond necklace. Her birthday gift to Lance (beside the gag present of one share of Woolworth stock) was six solid gold buttons designed to be put on a blazer."
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes that Jill "has her reservations for the March 21 sports car race at Sebring so she can root for Lance. According to intimates, his mother, Barbara Hutton, really thinks Jill is a very nice girl but doesn't want him to marry her because of religious differences."
April 59 will fly to Cuernavaca, Mexico, and be the house guest of Barbara Hutton as soon as she finishes Holiday for Lovers. Lance will be with her. "I thought the Mexican trip would be her first meeting with Lance's mother, but she says that Lance introduced them in New York."
Barbara Hutton is reported dusting off several rooms in her $2,000,000 Oriental palace in Cuernavaca, "preparing for visits from (1) her beau, Jimmy Douglas; (2) her son, Lance Reventlow; and (3) Lance's best girl, Jill St. John..."
27 June 59 attorney Arthur Crowley, 34, and actor Wayde Preston, 28, clash at a party in the Beverly Hills home of Lance Reventlow. Jill says "Preston wasn't invited. He had a chip on his shoulder all evening. He finally was asked to leave but did not go."
Late June 59 talks to Carroll about marriage and that she and Reventlow "are getting less definite by the minute..."
the press reports that the only piece of jewelry she wears in Holiday for Lovers is Reventlow's gold identification bracelet
4 July 59 her divorce from Dubin becomes final. His profession is given as a linen supply firm executive. She returns to her parents’ modern ranch house in Encino.
July 59 she and Ruth Pierce fly to Ensenada with Reventlow and Bill Holmes for a day of angling
End July 59 columnist Walter Winchell writes that "Lance Reventlow is about as close to marrying actress Jill St. John as Khrushchev is to Nixon..."
is "Miss Model Aviation" for the National Model Airplane Championship held at the Naval Air Station Los Alamitos, California
6 August 59 she and Reventlow announce their engagement. They plan a spring wedding and a honeymoon cruise to the Orient.
19 August 59 has her birthday dinner at Reventlow's house. Their friends
Nina Shipman and Peter Gilman help them celebrate.
Late August 59 Winchell reports that she "says she never even heard of Jack Ferguson until the item was printed that she was dating him. Embarrassing too, coming the same day as her engagement to Lance. Sorry..."
End August 59 the press tells that she and Reventlow are planning such an unusually long engagement because he still hasn't received the absolute final okay from his famous mother
September 59 she and Reventlow will fly to Honolulu "chaperoned by his cousin, Jimmy Donahue, as soon as they can get reservations on the jet. Lance goes on from there to meet a group of friends on a yacht in Tahiti. Among them is Diane Varsi's ex-husband, James Dickson."
Mid-September 59 she and Reventlow are guests at a party for British singer Frankie Vaughn given by Arlene and Fernando Lamas before Vaughn's opening in Las Vegas
Early October 59 Kilgallen expects her and Reventlow to "end their multipublicized 'engagement' before very long. They like each other, but the wedding date never was set and the betrothal announcement might well have been rigged to help her career as an actress and attract attention to him as a sports car racer."
8 October 59 in Honolulu she and Reventlow announce that they will get married in March or April. "The ceremony will be held in Hollywood, not Hawaii."
December 59 the press reports that her ex, Neil Dubin, will marry Barbara Simon two days after Christmas
5 January 60 a fire in an adjoining apartment smokes her out of her Beverly Hills home sickbed. "She threw on a coat and was led to safety by a fireman."
February 60 there are rumors there might be a Japanese honeymoon
22 March 60 she and Reventlow get their marriage license in Riverside, California. They don't disclose where the wedding will take place.
24 March 60 marries Reventlow in the Royal Suite of the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Francisco. He's 24; she's 19. The civil ceremony is performed by California Supreme Court Justice Marshall McComb. She wears a pink silk suit and carries a bouquet of lilies of the valley, pink and white roses and white carnations. Young actress Nina Shipman, Jill's best friend, is maid of honor; James Woolworth Donahue is best man. Her parents and his mother attend, too. His butler, Dudley Walker, and his childhood nurse, Barbara Latimer, flew from England to attend. Shipman presents the newlyweds with a pair of gold-plated handcuffs.
28 March 60 she and Reventlow flee to an undisclosed ski-resort hideaway in the High Sierras for a brief honeymoon. Nina Shipman accompanies with them. They will spend three days in seclusion before Reventlow returns to Hollywood to race his sports car at Riverside, California.
May 60 she and fellow starlet Myrna Fahey organize an all-girl, all-actress sports club for the last days before snow melts at Mammoth Mountain, California
looks forward to a five-month vacation in Europe, where she will follow her husband along road race courses. "Currently, she's collecting paychecks and bruises from making the film The Lost World."
tells columnist Hedda Hopper that she will fly from any part of the world to attend Nina Shipman's wedding. "Jill and Lance are leaving June 10 for five months in Europe. Fred Gebhardt wants Jill for Sodom and Gomorrah, shooting in Italy during their stay abroad, and since Lance will be racing in Europe, he has given her permission to make the picture..."
Late May 60 Nina Shipman is reported "living the life of a millionairess since Jill and Lance turned over their Beverly Hills home to Nina and her pal, Susan Crane. They'll be there four months. It has both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool."
June 60 she and Reventlow suffer a boating accident off the Cote d'Azur. "They were cruising off shore when the generator in the rented speedboat caught fire. With a fuel explosion possible any second, both dived overboard and had to swim to land. Luckily, says Jill, she was wearing a bikini."
July 60 writes from Europe that she had to be rescued from the surf at Ganvoort, Holland, by two lifeguards. "There was a storm on the North sea," she says, "the waves were about four feet high. I hardly could explain to my rescuers that, on a calm day at Malibu, the waves may be five feet high. So what could I do? I let them save my life."
Mid-August 60 returns from Europe and is pretty angry with the whole Continent, especially the French, against whom she cries "foul" in no uncertain terms. "I hate Europe, especially France," she firmly says. "Parisian society is the worst. They are above working but not above leeching."
Mid-May 61 returns to Europe for filming of Tender is the Night in Monaco. Reventlow accompanies her.
June 61 is pictured on the French Riviera in a $1,500 Balmain-designed gold metallic bathing suit that she has to wear for Tender is the Night
September 61 is seen at Kay Starr's show at Tahoe Harrah's with Janet Smith and Avis heiress Ci Ci Shane
11 July 62 files for separate maintenance against Reventlow in Santa Monica charging mental cruelty. Quarrels over her career and over the auto racing interests of her husband have pushed them to the separation point. He's 26; she's 21. She says she hopes that the separation will give them both time to think things out and asks for a court order restraining Reventlow from selling any of the couple's community property. "We had different outlooks, views, and interests," she says, "We don't seem to be getting along."
1 August 62 dismisses her separate maintenance suit against Reventlow in Santa Monica Superior Court
Late September 62 moves back to the same apartment building she lived in before marrying Reventlow
October 62 turns down a magazine offer to "tell all" about her breakup with Reventlow
Early November 62 actor Robert Vaughn takes her to a drive-in movie
November 62 is reported having had "two lunch dates with two different guys in two restaurants the other day - and they didn't know it. She had a salad at 12;15; a steak at 1:30"
Early December 62 is seen at Luchow's hand-holding with fashion designer Oleg Cassini
she and Cassini bossa nova at El Morocco
Mid-December 62 Winchell knows that her "Top Secret is a Beverly Hills hairdresser, once wed to Barrie Chase..."
December 62 is noted lunch-chatting at La Fonda del Sol with Angie Dickinson and Sandra Dee
attends the New York premiere of Lawrence of Arabia at the Criterion and, later, the after party at the St. Regis Roof with producer Walter Wanger
63 films Who’s Minding the Store? Quinn O’Hara will later have no fond memories of her.
Mid-January 63 is noted at the Rembrandt Room at the Stanhope with Walter Wanger, "who's nearing 70..."
April 63 dines at Hollywood's Quo Vadis with Frank Sinatra
Winchell writes that "Jill St. John's Top Secret just jetted back to Italy from Hollywood. A very married prince..."
May 63 she, Suzanne Pleshette, and Stella Stevens are reported "scrambling for the same sexy role in The Carpetbaggers film"
is reported dating her ex Lance Reventlow at a Hollywood party
Winchell thinks the "Frank Sinatra-Jill St. John item cannot possibly hurt their soon-due film..."
June 63 attends the Hollywood premiere of Cleopatra with escort Frank Sinatra
she and Sinatra show up in New York for the Come Blow Your Horn party at Toots Shor's
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows that "while the 'captive' journalists duly noted that Jill St. John was Frank Sinatra's 'girl' during his trip to New York, his behind-the-scenes special was a lush beauty from Miami Beach named Sandra Sardi, who came to town just for the rendezvous."
Late July 63 she and Sinatra are seen at the Villa Capri in Hollywood
October 63 columnist Hedda Hopper reports her spending several days in New York with Frank Sinatra
Early October 63 files for divorce from Reventlow in Los Angeles charging extreme cruelty
October 63 her dates with actor George Montgomery are reported raising more than one eyebrow in Hollywood
Mid-October 63 Sinatra is reported having taken her to meet his parents in Hoboken and "to eat a vast Italian dinner..."
30 October 63 divorces Reventlow in Los Angeles saying she did it on her physician's advice after her husband bullied her into participating in dangerous sports. She wins an $86,000 settlement, payable at $1,000 monthly for seven years and two months. She wears a black suit with a little Lord Fauntleroy blouse and tie, and is at times on the verge of tears. Her corroborative witness, Celeste Shane, 23, says Reventlow frequently "ridiculed his wife, and didn't have a kind word for her 65 percent of the time even when she was trying to do her best for him." Reventlow doesn't contest.
December 63 is quoted saying "I wouldn't marry an actor or anyone connected with show business!"
columnist Earl Wilson notes her hopping to the Las Vegas Riviera to be with Brazillionaire "Baby" Pignatari, "who checked in there to divorce Princess Ira von Fuerstenberg. Jill likes 'Baby' and also Frank Sinatra but prefers a husband named Jack for 'Jack and Jill' and all that sort of thing..."
January 64 is reported dating George Montgomery and Frank Sinatra and having a newly acquired fortune of $1,500,000
Late January 64 is off, alone, to Aspen, Colorado, for a month's skiing
March 64 flies to Hollywood from Aspen, Colorado, to do a screen test and flies right back for more skiing
May 64 her new beau is reportedly Los Angeles financier Burt Burnap
June 64 invests in a chain of Mexican flower shops
September 64 is named queen of the National Championship Air Races held in Reno, Nevada from September 12 until 20
October 64 Kilgallen tells that Jill's "chums think the dates she enjoys most are with agent Danny Welkes at Barney's Steak House where she can relax in the anonymity of Lexington Avenue..."
November 64 her name pops up in the gossip columns with Alejandro Rey, handsome dashing Argentinean actor
her divorce from Reventlow becomes final. He will marry former Mousketeer,19-year-old Cheryl Holdridge, the same month and die at age 35 in July 1972 in a plane crash near Aspen, Colorado.
Kilgallen tells that Jill "is being adored by a Big Name on Seventh Avenue..."
Late November 64 is noted watching "the Frug madness at Trude Heller's wild spot" with socialite Bill Wood
Christmas 64 goes with Bob Hope to entertain the troops in Viet Nam
Early January 65 tells about Viet Nam: "Two mortars, planned by the Viet Cong, were aimed at the stage. Demolition experts found them only 30 minutes before showtime. Try singing on key after an introduction like that."
February 65 her hurried flight to Aspen, Colorado, is "not only for the skiing but to see her favorite ski pro..."
April 65 abandons her recently purchased $125,000 home in Beverly Hills for the duration of shooting The Liquidator in London
Winchell thinks "her latest love is a doctor..."
May 65 Wilson tells that "her best beau, a ski instructor, went back to Norway to serve a year in the army..."
July 65 Winchell reports that "her long list of beaux now includes a Philly restaurateur. Followed her to Vegas to be closer..."
September 65 her "man-of-the-week" is Steven Zax, a young and handsome doctor
uses some of her Oscar loot to buy flower shops in Mexico
she and "her secret love turned up at Harlow's, as if they weren't going to make it a secret any more..."
columnist Dorothy Kilgallen reports: “Jill St. John’s romance with Polish film director Roman Polanski is reaching the serious stage – for him anyway. He’s planning to visit Hollywood next month to spend more time with her. He’d better bring his track shoes; Jill is inclined to flit.”
October 65 flies to New York to see Bunny Lake is Missing with Roman Polanski
c. 65 loses her part in Polanski’s The Fearless Vampire Killers to newcomer Sharon Tate
9 November 65 is admitted to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital for "tests and observation"
Late November 65 she and Sandy Koufax "appear to be 'exclusively yours.' He's the first beau who has lasted so long in her heart..."
January 66 Koufax takes her to Milton Berle's big Vegas Flamingo opening
February 66 Winchell reports "Jill St. John, who said 'This is it!' about Repulsion director Roman Polanski, decided that it isn't..."
Mid-April 66 Peter Lawford dates her steadily
End April 66 she and Peter Lawford are only a "now-and-then dinner-date. Her most ardent Romeo is a New York dress manufacturer, estranged from his wife over 25 years..."
Early May 66 she and Lawford are reported "so cabana-conscious in Honolulu after a happy week there, that people are jumping at the wrong conclusion: that they are probably about to break up their friendship. The truth is the opposite: that after a week or so, they still like each other. The airline stewardess who seemed to have had Lawford in tow, appears to have dropped out."
July 66 is seen at Danny's Hideaway with Lawford. Lawford's estranged wife Pat is noted around with actor Robert Vaughn.
1 September 66 is sued in Los Angeles by Henry Rosenfeld for $25,000 he says he lent her last year. The New York businessman alleges that she agreed to pay back the loan on demand with a 5 and three quarter per cent interest. Rosenfeld says he lent her the money in January 1965, asked for it nine months later and still hasn't received it.
Mid-September 66 her romance with Lawford is reported glowing brighter
28 September 66 slips and falls while on location for Banning at Hollywood's Riviera Country Club and suffers a painful back injury. The ambulance takes her to her doctor for X-rays.
Early October 66 Winchell tells that "the Manhattan manufacturer who is suing Jill St. John for the return of a $25,000 loan has insiders in stitches..."
November 66 Winchell notes her dates with Rock Hudson coming in bunches
December 66 she and Jack Jones plan to spend New Year's Eve together in San Francisco, where he's working
January 67 is named the most inept actress of 1966 in The Liquidator, second to Ann-Margret
February 67 she and singer Jack Jones are a big item in the gossip columns
Mid-March 67 Jones is said to have given her a diamond and an emerald bracelet
April 67 films Tony Rome on location in South Florida
is reported flying "up from Miami where she's filming with Frank Sinatra to be with her guy, Jack Jones, at the Chicago 'Jack and Jill' as everybody says..."
Early June 67 she and Jones announce their engagement at a Serge Obolensky party at New York's St. Regis. He's 29; she's 25. They plan to marry at the Beverly Hills hacienda of Denise and Vincente Minnelli.
July 67 she and Jones gift each other with $300 suede suits from Al Devore's
August 67 Winchell writes: "Pietro Lawford and Barbara Dubin (ex-wife of Jill St. John's original husband) are a big theeeeennngggg in London..."
14 October 67 marries singer Jack Jones at the Beverly Hills home of producer William Dozier. It's his second marriage and her third.
October 67 gives her dinner party as Mrs. Jack Jones at the Cocoanut Grove in Hollywood's Ambassador Hotel
Early November 67 sits ringside when her husband opens at the Cocoanut Grove
February 68 attends James Galanos' spring fashion show in New York with husband Jack Jones
69 dates George Lazenby
11 February 69 Jones announces the end of their marriage in Honolulu. He says demands on his singing career and the traveling involved contributed to the breakup. She says she will go to Acapulco for the divorce decree.
Late February 69 flies to Mexico to divorce Jones. "They are such good friends," says her spokesman. "They want to clean it up right away."
March 69 goes back to her career and enlists with the Ashleys-Famous agency in New York
22 May 69 says in Los Angeles that she will repay the $25,800 she received from New York millionaire Henry Rosenfeld even though she contends the money was intended as a gift. Rosenfeld claims he advanced her the money so she could buy a Beverly Hills home. He's 58; she's 28.
June 69 is noted dining at the Bistro with Dinny Phipps, son of the socially and financially prominent Ogden Phippses of New York, Long Island, and Palm Beach
Early November 69 is subpoenaed to tell a federal grand jury in New York how she bought stock for $35,000 and sold it a short time later for $150,000. She's so nervous that she goes into hiding at the Carlyle for two nights.
April 70 the press reports that "her longplay romance with her Hollywood-Chicago-New York lawyer cooled..."
the press thinks she "looks better than she acts"
Early May 70 Jack Jones, her ex, is reported having resumed his romance with actress Chris Noel "that started in 1965 and ended when Jack married Jill St. John. Chris married a war hero who killed himself..."
May 70 Wilson writes: "David Frost met Jill St. John at Darrin McGavin's birthday party in Los Angeles, saw her the next two nights, too, and took her to the Bistro..."
is seen with Henry Kissinger dining at the Sans Souci and the Jockey Club and lunching at Le Provencal
on Memorial Day Weekend, Kissinger takes her to Hollywood gossip columnist Joyce Haber's for cocktails and then to Chasen's for dinner
End May 70 dates Henry Kissinger in Washington and David Frost in New York
June 70 she and Kissinger are noted at a big Hollywood dinner party given by Anne and Kirk Douglas
October 70 attends an afternoon cocktail party thrown by Jim Backus and his wife Henny
attends Anthony Newley's opening at the Now Grove with Kissinger
November 70 is heralded to move into the dress business, offering fashion for women who can't afford the expensive new styles
January 71 is noted around with girlfriends Janet Smith and A. A. Shane
June 71 there are reports about her and Sean Connery being an item, "but the truth is their compatibility has extended no further than the Diamonds are Forever soundstage..."
August 71 her London dates are with Michael Caine
September 71 is off to London to film Sitting Target
plays the Jolly Green Giant's wife in a bit for Rowan and Martin's "Laugh-In"
February 72 gets a ski instructor's license at Bear Valley, California
10 April 72 she and Ann-Margret are among the stars presenting Oscars on NBC's telecast of the annual Academy Awards
27 August 72 shows up with Kissinger at President Richard M. Nixon's big party at the Western White House in San Clemente, California. "The President, mixing and chatting on an overcast, sultry evening at his villa overlooking the Pacific, told his guests he had a projection room installed in the White House 'so I can watch more movies. Pat and I both love motion pictures. They're not interrupted by commercials.' Guests include Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Durante, John Wayne, Red Skelton, George Jessel, and Charlton Heston."
December 72 advertises for Troutmans' Wig Trade-In. "$5.00 off every Jill St. John when you trade in your old wig."
January 73 asked why she likes Kissinger she replies: "He's the only doctor in my life who makes house calls."
operates the Jill St. John chain of quality wigs and Indian jewelry boutiques
27 August 73 is Kissinger's date at President Richard M. Nixon's party for Leonid J. Brezhnev, Soviet Party Chief, at the Western White House in San Clemente, California. The press reports: "Brezhnev held her hand for a while, then watched for an extended time as she walked away."
1 November 73 Miami developer Robert Blum says in Aspen, Colorado, that they plan to marry "sometime between now and February 14." It will be the third marriage for him, the fourth for her.
March 76 attends the memorial service held for Olympic skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich in Aspen Colorado. "Spider" was shot by his girlfriend, singer-actress Claudine Longet, at his posh home at Aspen's Starwood section on March 21.
April 77 Jack Nicholson is said to spend an "awful lot of time" with her, who is "practically retired in Colorado"
February 82 attends Richard Gully's party thrown for actress Dana Wynter at the Bistro in Beverly Hills. Among the guests are Connie Towers and John Gavin, the Jean Negulescos, Douglas Campbell and Ivan Goff.
August 82 is reported back in Los Angeles after ten years in Aspen. "She's living just a mile away from Robert Wagner. She and Wagner have been seen together in places as disparate as Hawaii, Vermont and his daughter's high school graduation. Wagner, still grieving after the drowning death of his wife, Natalie Wood, denies any wedding plans."
October 83 she and Wagner are among 2,400 guests at a Saturday ball hosted by Barbara Davis, wife of Denver billionaire Marvin Davis. The guests include Cary Grant, Linda Evans, Lucille Ball, Ernest Borgnine, Joan Collins, Betty and Gerald Ford, Timothy Hutton, Ann Landers, Michael Landon, Hal Linden, Dolly Parton, Stephanie Powers, Wayne Rogers, Diana Ross, Robert Stack, James Stewart, Donald Sutherland, Loretta Swit, and Raquel Welch.
85 becomes a monthly cook on television’s "Good Morning, America" and a food columnist for USA
November 85 lives with Wagner and his three daughters, Kate, 21; Courtney, 11; and Natasha, 15; on his two-acre estate in West Los Angeles
c. 87 publishes her Jill St. John Cookbook at Random House. It's dedicated to Lance Reventlow.
August 88 accompanies Wagner to Macao to make a movie
26 May 90 marries Robert Wagner, the ex of actresses Marion Marshall and Natalie Wood, at his West Los Angeles ranch. He's 60; she's 49. Natasha Gregson, Natalie Wood's daughter from her marriage to Richard Gregson, and Courtney Brooke Wagner, daughter of Wood and Wagner, are bridesmaids. Also attending are Wagner's mother and sister and Jill's mother.
August 91 she and Wagner host a party for 1,000 people in Aspen, Colorado, to raise money for the $106 million Smithsonian Institution Museum of the American Indian
January 93 she and Wagner are among the guests of the Palm Springs International Film Festival's Golden Palm Award dinner for Frank Sinatra
16 July 02 poses with Wagner and his daughters during ceremonies honoring Wagner with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
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