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16 November 40 is born in Chicago, Illinois. Her three-years-younger aunt will become child actress Beverly Washburn.
c. 45 her parents divorce when she's five years old
? her mother remarries, and Darlene takes the surname of her stepfather
October 57 as "Miss San Fernando Valley," she sparks the Bank of America opening at Sepulveda Boulevard
December 57 is among the finalists of the "Miss Teen-A-Rama" contest in
February 58 is among the candidates of the "Miss Van Nuys" beauty pageant. The press gives her age as 16. The girl selected will receive a dramatic tryout at Warner Brothers and an all-expense-paid trip to Hawaii via Transocean Airlines.
as "Miss Canoga Holiday," she and other local beauty queens pose for the Optimists Club's Camera Night in Panorama City
? is crowned "Miss Optimistic"
June 58 columnist Earl Wilson writes: "Darlene Tompkins of Pacoima, California, winner of 10 beauty contests, also a Wilson Gal, attracted the attention of Monte Proser, producer of the Las Vegas Tropicana shows - and he's sending her to dancing classes so she can be one of the flowers in the Nevada desert as soon as she's 18, a few months from now..."
July 58 as "Miss Junior Van Nuys," she wins first place in the "Miss Amateur Photography" beauty contest held at Mount Baldy. Runners-up are Donna Hart and Jerry Spaulding, both of Van Nuys.
February 59 as "Miss Los Angeles County," she graces the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Bill Lepper Motors Inc. sales and service facility at 7527 Reseda Boulevard
April 59 as "Miss Junior Van Nuys" she's on hand at the opening of the Van Nuys office of the Empire Savings and Loan Association at 6410 Van Nuys Boulevard
May 59 is one of four winners in the "Miss San Fernando Valley" pageant, being crowned "Miss Fernando Valley South." She and the Misses North, East and West will be entered in the statewide "Miss Universe" preliminary contest to be held on June 24 in Burbank, California
? she and her mother are off to Texas for the filming of Beyond the Time Barrier
December 59 as "Miss San Fernando Valley," she rides in the annual North Hollywood Christmas parade
60 her part in Cinderfella falls through when actor-director Jerry Lewis has a heart attack the day before her shooting
April 60 is crowned "Miss Los Angeles Press Photographer." Eileen O'Neill, 20, places second; Karen Griffith,18, places third.
May 60 as "Miss Pacoima," she attends the Concourse d'Elegance sponsored by the Encino Junior Chamber of Commerce and held at McKinley Home for Boys at 13840 Riverside Drive, Sherman Oaks
? gets engaged to Larry McFall
January 61 is named honorary mayor of Pacoima
17 August 61 performs at the Hi Deb Jamboree held at the Broadway Valley
November 61 as honorary mayor of Pacoima, she's scheduled to attend North Hollywood's Christmas parade
is among 12 hopefuls selected as "Hollywood Deb Star of 1962" by the Hollywood Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Union. The others are Cynthia Pepper, Noreen Corcoran, Angela Dorian, Dolores Faith, Mikki Jamison, Maurine Dawson, Cynthia Lynn, Ann Del Guercio, Joan Staley, Cheryl Holdridge, and Mary Jayne Saunders.
her escort at the Deb Star Ball is actor Dwayne Hickman
? takes acting lessons with Jeff Corey
December 63 tagged an NBC television actress, she promotes a life-size Santa for the upcoming Christmas season
67 her scene in A Guide For the Married Man ends up on the cutting room floor
? marries and has two sons
c. 74 is divorced at age 33
? returns to work as an extra, a stand-in and stuntwoman occasionally stunt-doubling on "Charlie's Angels" for Cheryl Ladd
26 May 83 marries Walter F. Kightly in Los Angeles. He's 49; she's 42.
03 is remarried and attends autograph shows across the States
18 July 19 dies at age 78 following complications of a stroke
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