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(Moira MacNeill)
12 March 30 is born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Angus and Mary MacNeill, nee Calder
? the neighboring children nickname her Cindi
? majors in art
? after graduation, she works as a waitress at a New Jersey seashore resort and accepts her first modeling job for fashion shows a Strawbridge & Clothier, Philadelphia
? signs as a model and works for Maxwell House Coffee, Parliament cigarettes, Coty and Revlon
? is with Eileen Ford in New York
March 53 does advertisements for Noxema
September 53 is named "Miss Sweater Girl of 1953" by knitwear leaders, reporters and radio and TV representatives in New York
54 models some of the prizes awarded contest winners in "The Big Payoff"
? marries Walter J. Wood
? her son, Randall, is born
August 59 comes to the attention of producer Hal B. Wallis, who signs her for a long-term multiple-picture contract
May 60 is signed to make her movie debut in The Great Impostor. She gets the part "on the strength of her curvesome appearance while modeling a gown from Ben Hur on the Academy Awards telecast."
c. 60 her husband Walter Wood resigns from his post in a top-flight New York advertising agency to make his first picture with actor Don Murray, The Hoodlum Priest
22 August 60 is bridesmaid at the St. Louis, Missouri, wedding of Keir Dullea, her co-star in The Hoodlum Priest, and Margo Bennett
24 September 79 divorces Wood in Los Angeles
27 February 83 as Moira Calder Wood, she dies at age 52 at her home in Malibu, California, after a long illness
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