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(Mary Beswick)
26 September 41 is born in Port Antonio, Jamaica
53 goes to England to attend school in Richmond at age 12
? returns to Jamaica
? works as a secretary
61 is a “Miss Jamaica” beauty pageant contestant but does not place
? heads to London with the money received from the sale of a Mini-Minor motorcar won as a first prize in a local beauty contest
c. 62 changes her name from Mary to Martine Beswick
62 director Terence Young considers her for Dr. No, but the part part goes to Ursula Andress
Spring 63 her Daily Mirror cover wins her a part in From Russia With Love
May 66 she and her sister Lorelli model fashions designed by Lorelli, who is a nurse by profession
67 is married to actor John Richardson
films in Italy
November 68 will make her US TV debut in an episode of "It Takes a Thief"
71 on a visit to England, producer Michael Carreras casts her for his upcoming Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde. Afterwards she’s back to Italy.
? divorces Richardson
85 visits her homeland Jamaica and Portland for the first time in 21 years
? moves to the United States
90s her address is 10637 Burbank Boulevard, North Hollywood, CA 91601
29 May 99 attends a Hammer Reunion party at Bray
"Battling Beswick" by Steve Biodrowski in Filmfax, The Daily Gleaner, Flair Magazine, The Coshocton Tribune, Playground Daily News, The House that Hammer Built,
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