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6 February 47 is born in Santa Monica, California. Her father's an advertising executive; her mother, whose maiden name is Miller, is a singer.
c. 63 starts singing in coffeehouses at age 16
c. 64 breaks into show business by doing stunt work for "Flipper" when her father's a TV series advisor to Ivan Tors
66 debuts in films doing a go-go dance in Soupy Sales' Birds Do It
67 has an affair with Frank Sinatra during the filming of Tony Rome
attends 20th Century-Fox's talent school
joins the Civil Liberties Union
November 67 will be seen in Ivan Tors’ upcoming The Unkillables, in which she doubles Joan Blackman's water stunts
27 September 69 marries Peter E. Tevis in Los Angeles. He's 32; she's 22.
? issues her album, Tiffany
? her Thank God the War is Over cut from her album is considered for a Grammy nomination
September 70 divorces Tevis in Los Angeles
72 says about her relationship with Sinatra: "I've known Francis for a long time, and I love him dearly, but I don't see him often."
April 72 is featured in Playboy
21 August 76 marries William H. Noyes in Los Angeles. He's 31; she's 29.
? divorces Noyes
8 October 83 marries Richard G. Casares in Santa Barbara. He's 32; she's 36.
20 April 85 her daughter, Sean Christine, is born in Santa Monica, California
07 she and her husband reside in Marina Del Rey
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