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20 September 51 is born in Greeley/Vail, Colorado, to Harold and Erna Cameron, nee Borgens
? is discovered by Walt Disney while working as a tour guide at Disneyland
67 - 68 studies at UCLA
68 attends the Pasadena Playhouse
c. 69 her friend Linda Hope talks her into taking a part in How to Commit Marriage, starring Linda's father, Bob Hope, and Jackie Gleason
c. 70 meets Charles Bluhdorn, boss of Gulf & Western, lunching at the Bistro. He thinks she may be the next Natalie Wood and suggests her for the title role in his upcoming Paramount film Star Spangled Girl. When president Stanley Jaffe opposes, he’s fired three days later. The part will finally go to comedienne Sandy Duncan.
February 73 will star in Contact on location in Ghana
April 73 is the partner of columnist James Bacon at the Last Annual Celebrity Pinball Tournament sponsored by Groucho Marx and his assistant, Erin Fleming
74 attends a Passover party at producer Bob Evans' house. Among the guests are Anne and Kirk Douglas, Carol and Walter Matthau, Audrey and Billy Wilder, Sue Mengers, Warren Beatty, Leigh Taylor-Young, and Roman Polanski.
January 75 columnist James Bacon tells that she is about to be entered into the Guinness Book of Records because she has done a record of 81 television commercials
April 76 will star in To Steal the Sun at MGM
May 77 the press claims she's credited by the Guinness Book of Records with having been featured in $100 million worth of television advertising
? is seen frequently with writer David Frost. Frost will marry actress Lynne Frederick in 1981.
80 marries Grant D. Conroy
90s lives in Southern California
00 works as a nurse in California
15 October 21 dies at age 70 due to complications from a stroke
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