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(Linda Larkin Williams)
20 December 32 is born in Los Angeles
? attends modeling school to support herself and her daughter
? is spotted by a talent scout while modeling in a fashion show
? wins a term contract with 20th Century-Fox
June 59 columnist Hedda Hopper reports about good-hearted Joan Crawford: "Linda brought her dog in her car to the studio for The Best of Everything. When she went to see her dog at lunch time, there were three new puppies. Joan sent tidbits from her lunch and another lunch for Linda. Because Linda has two little boys at home, Joan sent the mother dog and puppies to her vet until Linda finishes the picture..."
July 59 a give-the-gal-a-name contest is held for her in Texas with audiences at Interstate Theaters suggesting new monikers for her. Winner of the competition will get $5,000, a new auto, and a trip to Hollywood.
9 November 59 is among the 1959 Hollywood Deb Stars, presented by Bob Hope on his NBC-TV show. The others are Carol Douglas, Maggie Pierce, Yvette Mimieux, Leslie Parrish, Barbara Lawson, Pamela Duncan, Diane McBain, Shirley Knight, and Sherry Jackson.
December 59 is seen at the Captain’s Table with Ray Anthony
22 January 60 reigns as queen of the first Los Angeles Invitational Indoor Track meet at the new Sports Arena
February 60 is reported married and a mother of two sons
September 60 attends a rooftop party at the Beverly Hilton with Richard Gully
January 61 is pictured applying a Band-Aid to battered killer whale Bubbles
May 61 she and Norman Alley are pictured discussing the Grandeur 70 premiere of The King and I at Grauman's Chinese Theater. Proceeds from the premiere will go to the Eight Ball Foundation of the Press Club.
November 61 illustrates in local newspapers that "glasses can have glamour"
September 62 is reported signed by Warner Brothers for an "Hawaiian Eye" segment
22 June 13 dies in Calabasas, California
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