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(Deborah Jakowchik)
18 September 48 is born in Orange, New Jersey, to a Polish-Russian father and an Italian mother
? attends high school in New Jersey
? is selected "Miss High School"
? is elected "Miss Wonder Potato Chips"
c. 63 is crowned "Miss Smile" at age 16, sponsored by Jansen swimsuits
? is in more than 10 major TV commercials, including Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo, Ford Mustang, Wonder Bread, Pepsodent toothpaste, Pepsi and Respond hair shampoo
64 Linda Schreiber, 20th Century-Fox talent scout in New York, recommends her to the studio's new talent school after seeing her in a series of Noxzema TV commercials
? is tested in New York by 20th Century-Fox and then sent to California for another test
c. 64 both Universal and 20th Century-Fox want to sign her, but the sixteen-year-old signs with 20th
? her movie contract requires her to complete her high school education in New York City and train with Stella Adler and the American Musical Dramatic Academy. She also studies with Sandy Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse.
? upon graduation from high school, she moves to California permanently
September 66 the press writes: "We haven't seen her perform but 20th's new contractee for a role in 'The Monroes,' Lisa Jak, doesn't need talent with beauty like hers..."
January 67 is among the ten contestants for "1967 Hollywood Star of Tomorrow." The others are Thordis Brandt, Sivi Aberg, Cami Sebring, Anne Morell, E. J. Peaker, Debbie Watson, Linda Henning, and Celeste Yarnall. Two European film beauties join the eight young Hollywood starlets, Elena Nathanael of Greece and Tania Béryl of Germany.
Early February 67 she and Dennis Cole, TV and motion picture actor, reign as prince and princess of sponsor Far World Ski Club's sixth annual Fasching Ball held at the Hollywood Palladium
67 is in a one-hour TV pilot “Men and Evil,” starring Jeanne Crain and Howard Duff. The final version of the show is reduced to one-half hour.
Mid-May 68 is queen of the Festival of Flowers, held at Century City
June 68 is a twosome around town at La Scala with Sammy Hess
July 68 graces the 18th annual PATSY awards of the American Humane Association
columnist Harrison Carroll reports from the Daisy Club: "But the real newsy twosome was producer Aaron Spelling, who broke up with Candy Marer, and actress Lisa Jak..."
c. November 68 marries textile manufacturer Aaron J. "Ronnie" Gross. He's about 48; she's 20. It's Gross' fourth marriage. From 1948 to 1967 Gross built up and ran Smartee, which did a lot of business in cotton knits and made a fortune. In the early 1970s he will found Quote Me, Inc.
Early December 68 the Ray Carpenters throw a black tie party for her and Gross at the Bistro. Among the guests are Wendy McKee with Jack Carter, Edy Williams with Frank Calcagnini, Melodie Wilson with Budd Moss, Corie Shoong with fiancé Channing Pollock, Lili Zanuck with Tom Richardson, Leslie Deeb with fiancé Steve Crane, Anjanette Comer with Jim Trotter. "Lisa dazzled the guests with the emerald and diamond necklace and earrings Ronnie gave her for a wedding present..."
March 69 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: "The four-month-old marriage of Ronnie Gross and Lisa Jak is a little shaky. ’Lisa and I have a few problems,' Ron told me, 'but we are talking on the phone, and I believe we can work things out...”
May 69 divorces Gross in Los Angeles. Gross will remarry and die at age 81 in 2001 in Indian Wells, California.
5 June 76 marries Michael I. Ross in Los Angeles. He's 25; she's 27.
21 September 82 divorces Ross in Los Angeles
? resides on Roscomare Road in Los Angeles
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