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(Dianne Irgens)
31 March 35 / 37 is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, of Norwegian-Austro-Hungarian descent
? graduates from Hollywood High
? tours with songwriter Jimmy McHugh’s starlets
January 57 columnist Louella Parsons expects her or fellow aspiring young actress Betty Lou Keim to star opposite Ginger Rogers in the upcoming The Iron Butterfly
November 57 is signed by Alan Ladd's Jaguar Production for Island of Lost Woman
December 57 the press tells: "Actress Diane Jergens became lost while driving to a film location away about 40 miles northwest of Hollywood. She overshot the area by 10 miles but eventually found the right road. The name of the picture is Island of Lost Women."
February 58 is excited about her first loan-out for MGM's High School Confidential: "It's the best acting chance I've had. It's a drama about teenagers and their problems and gives many of us our best chance to act."
6 September 58 marries TV actor Peter Brown. He's 22; she's 21.
March 59 columnist Erskine Johnson tells: "Peter (assistant "Lawman") Brown and his bride of six months, Diane Jergens, are trying to patch up their marital differences. I wonder if he wanted to look at 'Lawman' and she wanted to look sat Steve Allen..."
April 59 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: "Reconciliation may happen any minute for Peter Brown, young Warner Brothers star, and his estranged wife, Diane Jergens. 'Had dinner with her, and we are talking about it,' he admitted."
June 59 columnist Walter Winchell writes: "Diane Jergens of the films and husband Peter Brown married 5 months ago. They were separated 2 months. Just reconciled..."
August 59 Carroll tells: "The honeymoon home of the Peter Browns, vacant since Peter and Diane Jergens separated, got rough treatment from vandals. The carpeting was ruined, the walls were marred and all the lighting fixtures were broken..."
October 59 Carroll's back on her: "Peter Brown tells me he called estranged wife Diane Jergens in Manila. 'I just wanted to be sure that she was all right,' said Peter. 'There is nothing new on our situation. Diane is working on a TV series. She may be back for Christmas but she isn't sure.' Meanwhile, Peter bought a jumping horse named Shady Lady. He has been out a few times with Suzanne Lloyd but he says he doesn't date anyone steadily."
March 60 is reported back in Hollywood after seven months in the Orient and tells Carroll that "she will file that long expected divorce suit against estranged husband Peter Brown in the near future. She has put the matter in the hands of attorney Jack Crickard. Peter is not expected to contest the action. Incidentally, Diane met Gustavo Rojo when both flew east to discuss a possible new TV series, 'Three Wishes.' They not only met but they dated in New York and winged back on the same plane. Diane tells me that she now is a light ash blonde. She also says there is no animosity between her and Peter. The two have been separated since July."
September 60 she and Joan Tabor are noted in the party of singer Kay Starr, who gives a surprise guest appearance at the Sherwood Room
August 61 columnist Earl Wilson tells: "David Merrick and Jule Styne discovered shapely young Diane Jergens in Hollywood and rush her to New York to try out for Subways are for Sleeping"
62 marries actor-singer Randy Sparks. He's about 29; she's about 25.
21 June 63 her first son, Kevin R., is born in Los Angeles
January 66 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “Randy Sparks’ joke backfired. He gave wife Diane Jergens a 9-carat diamond ring in a crackerjack box, but their two-and-a-half-year old son Kevin got to the box first. After a three-hour search, Randy finally found the ring...”
15 January 66 her twins, Cameron Michael and Melinda Anne, are born at St. Joseph's Hospital in Burbank, California
9 October 18 dies in Valley Springs, California
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