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(Betty Jane Kathleen Crowley)
26 December 29 is born in Green Bank, New Jersey
46 graduates from Egg Harbor High School
7 August 49 as Betty Jane Crowley of Little Green Bank, she wins the title of "Miss New Jersey" from a field of 13 other New Jersey beauties at the contest held in Asbury Park. "The 19-year-old blue-eyed brunette stands five feet three inches tall and weighs 110 pounds." The pageant is staged by Grace Downs, dean of American models.
10 September 49 places sixth in the "Miss America" pageant held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. "There's going to be a big hoot and loud holler from one section of the hall tonight when 'Miss New Jersey,' Betty Kathleen Crowley, hits the platform. Her hometown is South River Road, which is a village with only a few houses. But Betty went to school in Egg Harbor, New Jersey, which has all of 20,000 people. They love the gal - most of the town folks. And most of them will be here in the cheering section tonight."
29 July 50 is technical advisor of the judges in the "Queen of the Kennebunks" pageant held during the Legion Fun Fair in Kennebunkport, Maine
? with the scholarship money she wins, she enrolls at New York's Academy of Dramatic Art
? turns down a Universal-International contract because she wants more seasoning before entering the movies
? does live television in New York
February 51 is the lead opposite Conrad Nagel in "A Star is Born" on "Robert Montgomery Presents"
52 becomes a 20th Century-Fox contractee
July 52 tests for the female lead in Taxi but fails to make the grade. Producer Sam Engel calls for Constance Smith.
18 July 52 is Queen for the Night of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps dance held by 180 cadets at the Air Force base in Long Beach, California
October 52 columnist Bob Thomas reports that she's into repairing automobiles. "The starlet's unique talent came to light when her car stalled on the 20th Century-Fox lot. She raised the hood and began tinkering with the engine. This brought taunts of 'grease monkey' from nearby males. Marilyn Monroe strolled by and suggested Kathleen call the maintenance department."
20th Century-Fox predicts flash stardom for her in The Silver Whip
May 53 is pictured running "in carefree leaps" by photographer Andre de Dienes. "But de Dienes was hard to please. For two and a half hours, Miss Crowley leaped before de Dienes got this charming shot. The road was hot, the stones sharp. Next day, Kathleen couldn't walk. Her feet were too sore!"
January 55 is one of the best-liked young actresses in movietown
February 55 checks out of the hospital and resumes her role in Waterfront
57 actor Arthur Franz insults her the day before the shooting of The Flame Barrier starts
March 57 heads the march at the Van Nuys Horse Show
October 57 production of The Jeweled Sun is halted for four days while she recovers from the flu
November 57 Huntington Hartford II wants her opposite Errol Flynn in his new version of Jayne Eyre. She and Hartford read the play together recently.
December 58 columnist Hedda Hopper writes: "Kathleen Crowley, so good on TV, is doing her first picture, a Dracula type story with a western background titled Affairs of a Vampire. She wanted so much to do a film she turned down two TV shows, a "Perry Mason" and a "General Electric Theater," for it. 'After all,' said the cutie, 'these monster things sell like mad, especially to the youngsters."
? buys the Hopalong Cassidy estate in the Hollywood Hills
February 59 Hedda Hopper reports that Kathleen has fox trouble. She has a hilltop home and a fox family, mama, papa, and baby, leap the low stone wall at the bottom of her garden, and eat flowers as fast as she plants them. She calls Animal Shelter about this but they pay no heed.
April 61 signs a contract with Bill Orr for a new TV series titled "Solitaire" with Ray Danton and John van Dreelen
May 61 is "apparently regarded as a good luck charm for the '77 Sunset Strip' TV series at Warner Brothers. Cast in 'The Desert Spa Caper" episode which leads off the show's fourth season on the ABC network, Miss Crowley starred in the initial segments for each of three previous seasons of '77 Sunset Strip'"
February 63 columnist Hedda Hopper tells: "King Kennedy introduced the Richard St. Johns, Kathleen Crowley, my brother, Edgar Furry, and me to the new restaurant San Francisco in Santa Monica. Despite the mixed up geography they have wonderful food. Decor is gay nineties even to the red velvet wallpaper. Charming."
June 64 she and Lloyd Bridges, star of TV's "Sea Hunt," promote National Safe Boating Week, scheduled from June 28 until July 4 by proclamation of President Lyndon B. Johnson
67 ruins the gown made for Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music during the filming of a "Batman" episode
27 September 69 marries John Rubsam in Los Angeles. He's 44; she's 39.
c. 70 her son, Matthew, is born
15 as Kathleen C. Rubsam, she resides in Egg Harbor City, New Jersey
23 April 17 dies at age 87 at her home in Green Bank, New Jersey
27 April 17 is interred at Green Bank Cemetery
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