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(Dolores Vitina Marcus)
c. 37 / 38 is born in Brooklyn, New York, of Sicilian and Hungarian descent to Rose and Frank Marcus
? is raised in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn
? studies ballet and takes violin lessons
? is crowned “Miss Bensonhurst”
? moves to Manhattan to pursue dancing
c. 54 models for the Huntington Hartford agency and attends Lee Strasburg’s Actor’s Studio at age 17
? works as a dancer on "The Jackie Gleason Show"
? is on stage with Steve McQueen in A Hatful of Rain
58 as Dolores Vitina, she's in Never Love a Stranger
June 58 as Dolores Vitina, she stars with Rory Calhoun in the "Schlitz Playhouse" segment "Curfew at Midnight"
? marries New York-born actor Steve Gravers. He's about 15 years her senior.
c. 59 tests for Rio Bravo, but Angie Dickinson gets the part
? moves to Hollywood and is introduced to TV producer Irwin Allen, who casts her for his upcoming The Lost World and later multiple episodes in "Time Tunnel," "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," and as The Green Lady in "Lost in Space"
26 January 59 her daughter, Athena, is born in Glendale, California. She will become a Yoga teacher and international showgirl appearing in Paris and Las Vegas. Crowned the winner of "The World's Most Beautiful Showgirl" Pageant in Paris in 1987, and given the Key to the City by the Las Vegas Mayor upon her return. She later goes on to graduate with a Master's Degree in Languages and Cultures.
? during the filming of The Lost World, a nurse takes care of her baby. Vitina also learns to drive and buys an old Chrysler convertible.
6 May 60 divorces Gravers in Los Angeles. Gravers will die at age 56 in 1978 in Los Angeles.
64 has a bit part in Bedtime Story
? her son, Giuliano, is born
00 owns a successful real estate business in Las Vegas. She teaches drama classes at the university and Yoga.
03 resides in Las Vegas and is actively working on a spiritual path
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