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1 January 28 is born in Los Angeles, California, the first baby of the year, the daughter of singer Hazel Beth McArthur
c. 32 is on stage at age 4 singing with her mother
c. 35 is noted on the Los Angeles stage in The Drunkard at age 7. The play runs for nine years.
20 March 35 her mother names Myrthus Hickman, a.k.a. actor Gordon Westcott, as her father in Los Angeles in a $307,315 damage suit. Hazel Beth McArthur claims she met him in 1926 when he was a tent show actor and lived with him under the impression she was his wife. After an asserted fraud marriage, when he found she was an expectant mother, she says, he fled to New York and there married another woman. He's 31; she's 25. Westcott denies the charges.
28 October 35 her father suffers a concussion at the base of the skull and a brain hemorrhage when his polo pony falls on him during a game
31 October 35 Gordon Westcott dies at age 31 in Los Angeles after three days in an oxygen tent at Cedars of Lebanon hospital
? goes to New York to attempt Broadway
? is fired after only two days as a clerk at Macy’s
October 47 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes: “Helen Westcott, five weeks ago a hat check girl at Old Nick’s Music Hall, has just been signed to play opposite Errol Flynn in Don Juan...”
December 47 she and UCLA’s Bill Steerwalt are reportedly an “eye-to-eyetem...”
October 48 is dropped by Warner Brothers
? is a femme foil for actors tested for Henry King’s Three Came Home
? marries Don Gordon, New York stage actor
August 49 columnist Louella Parson tells: “The most surprised girl in Hollywood is Helen Westcott, pretty 20th Century-Fox starlet, cast only in bits who has just been handed the lead opposite Gregory Peck in The Gun Fighter! Flabbergasted with delight is a better description of her condition.”
October 49 is heralded getting the star build-up at 20th Century-Fox
7 April 50 her daughter, Jennifer Kaye, is born in Los Angeles
August 51 columnist Dorothy Manners tells about the upcoming Phone Calls from a Stranger that producer “Nunnally Johnson is casting the picture fast with Helen Westcott definite for the other top woman role.”
July 52 is on the panel of "Opinion Please"
October 52 is reported back from filming The Battles of Chief Pontiac in Rapid City, South Dakota
May 53 divorces Gordon
August 53 is busy between pictures directing little theater shows
January 54 is a guest columnist for Johnny Fidler’s “Fidler in Hollywood”
August 55 will play opposite Cornel Wilde and Jane Russell in Tambourine
April 59 she and actress Pat Crowley join Jack Rourke on the guest list of “Let’s Dance”
July 59 she and Jim Morris announce marriage while dining at Phil Ahn’s Moongate in Panorama City
? becomes a founding member of the Stage Society
January 74 will conduct a new class in drama speech for the East Valley YWCA Center at 5703 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, North Hollywood
? resides in Lynwood, Washington
17 March 98 as Helen Westcott, she dies at age 70 in an Edmonds, Washington, hospital from cancer
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