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(Celeste Jeanne Yarnall)
26 July 44 is born in Long Beach, California, to Navy man Forest Yarnall and his wife
? grows up in Los Angeles in the Silver Lake area
? graduates from John Marshall High School
? models for Max Factor
? is spotted by singer-actor Ricky Nelson at the studio while on her way for a commercial audition
64 is elected “Miss Rheingold,” collecting $50,000
March 64 together with Mariko Harada, she promotes the House of Japan at New York’s upcoming World’s Fair
64 meets and marries Sheldon M. Silverstein after a three-month courtship. He’s about 31; she’s about 20. He will become her manager, turning down a contract with Universal Pictures.
January 67 is among the ten contestants for "1967 Hollywood Star of Tomorrow." The others are Thordis Brandt, Sivi Aberg, Cami Sebring, Anne Morell, E. J. Peaker, Debbie Watson, Linda Henning, and Celeste Yarnall. Two European film beauties join the eight young Hollywood starlets, Elena Nathanael of Greece and Tania Béryl of Germany.
February 67 she and fellow Deb Stars, Cami Sebring and E. J. Peaker, are pictured racing over sands near Lake Havasu, Arizona
c. 67 she and her husband rent out their Bel-Air home and are off to London, Rome and Cannes to promote her as a Raquel Welch type. As a result, she’s signed by British producer Harry Alan Towers for his upcoming Eve.
Summer 67 films Eve in Madrid, Spain. When Towers stops paying the actors, she walks off the picture and has to endure some dangerous filming in Brazil afterwards.
68 is voted the "Most Promising New Star" by the National Association of Theatre Owners
August 68 demonstrates drip-dry coiffure in local newspapers
69 her part in the TV series "Bracken’s World" goes to the girlfriend of David Gerber, Laraine Stephens
4 July 70 her daughter, Camilla, “Cami,” J., is born in Los Angeles
September 70 divorces Silverstein in Los Angeles
71 takes her daughter to the set while filming The Velvet Vampire
72 producer Irwin Allen wants her for his upcoming The Poseidon Adventure, but her part goes to Carol Lynley
73 her part in Scorpio goes to Gayle Hunnicutt
? enters the real estate business to supplement her income
79 founds Celeste Yarnall and Associates, which specializes in the leasing and selling of high rise office buildings
8 February 79 marries Robert A. Colman of the Borden Milk Company fortune in Los Angeles. He's 38; she's 34.
87 starts a company representing young upcoming screenwriters and directors
90s her address is 261 South Robertson Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
divorces Colman
95 publishes her first book on cat care and starts breeding Tonkinese cats
2 July 10 marries Nazim Nazim in Ventura, California
7 October 18 dies at age 74 in Westlake Village, California, from ovarian cancer
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