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(Alma Sally Yarnell)
29 April 15 is born in Canton, Oklahoma, to George W. Yarnell and is wife, Janet M. Maze
October 41 performs at the La Hula in Oakland, California
September 42 columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that “Pev Marley, reputed to be exclusively Linda Darnell’s, likes the sound of Sally Yarnell’s name, too...”
March 43 ensign John Howard escorts her to Ciro’s on his first night home on furlough
June 43 columnist Louella Parsons tells that Sally “has just received a letter from John Howard, who is somewhere in Africa...”
July 43 she and Mickey Rooney are reported sighing into each other’s eyes
is pictured with other Hollywood starlets contributing silk and nylon stockings for the war effort. The others are Lynn Bari, Lillian Porter, Bonnie Bannon, Mildred Gaye, Claire James, Frances Gladwin, Margo Woods, and Jerrue Noonan.
June 44 a 20th-Century Fox starlet, she’s pictured modeling patriotic bathing suits
October 44 columnist Louella Parsons reports that “Lieutenant John Howard and Sally Yarnell took up where they left off when he went overseas two years ago...”
August 55 is romanced by actor Brad Dexter, the ex of singer Peggy Lee
March 56 columnist Jimmy Fidler reports that she spends three hours in the make-up department before reporting to the set of The Black Sleep. “Then she spends three more hours having it removed before she goes home at night.”
February 57 suffers critical scalp injuries when her car strikes the rear of a city street sweeper on Atlantic Avenue, north of East 63rd Street, Long Beach. She has to undergo surgery and her condition is reported as serious.
October 77 attends the Mary and Joseph League’s Royal Luncheon at the Beverly Hilton
30 September 95 as Sally A. L. Yarnell, she dies at age 80 in Denver, Colorado
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