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(Catherine Dian James)
31 May 50 is born at St. John’s Hospital in Los Angeles to Robert C. James, sports car driver, and his wife Dian Evelyn, nee Newman, an aspiring actress and singer. Her aunts are actresses Claire and Lois James.
25 January 51 her mother files for divorce from "television repairman" James in Los Angeles because he tossed her down a flight of stairs. “He was always flying into a rage and taking it out on me,” she says. “He broke my nose, too.” Dian wins $1 a month alimony and $100 a month support for her daughter.
? her mother marries Travis Edmondson of the singing duo of Bud and Travis
c. 63 her sister Elizabeth is born
c. 64 runs away from home at age 14
April 64 her mother accuses Edmondson of breaking her nose and causing her to lose her voice. Superior Court Commissioner J. Wesley Reed orders the 31-year-old Edmondson to pay $600 a month support to her, who says she wants separate maintenance because she does not believe in divorce.
? her brother Scott is born
? moves to England
c. 67 her son, Damian Christian, is born in England. He will become a Los Angeles businessman.
Late 60s is a vocalist with Ginger Baker's Air Force, a British rock group combining jazz, R&B, folk, and African music
Early 70s returns to the States and settles in Upstate New York
70s as Vanessa, she models for New York’s Wilhelmina agency
? marries and divorces twice
Late 06 moves from Malibu to Hollywood
07 resides in Hollywood, California
October 07 publishes Dandelion, a book about her and her family
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