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(Dolores Faith Hedges)
15 July 41 is born in Cleveland, Ohio, to a Hungarian father and an Italian mother
? is stricken totally deaf at age 4 when her eardrum bursts while she’s playing
? her hearing returns completely at age nine
? her parents divorce
? her mother moves with her and her sister to California. There the girls are placed in an orphanage because their mother has to work and can’t care for them.
February 59 in local newspapers she promotes baby cribs that fold into a clothes rack
April 59 shows homemade shelters for a variety of birds in local newspapers
? has her acting start as a witness in local TV court shows
? tries out for a contract at Warner Brothers, but they tell her that she “was a combination of Elizabeth Taylor and Grace Kelly and they wouldn’t know what to do with me.”
61 is pictured posing with Sean Flynn, son of Errol
November 61 promotes hair coloring with 5 other starlets, Cynthia Lynn, Cynthia Pepper, Darlene Tompkins, Cheryl Holdridge, and Joan Staley. Only she is heralded the natural blonde in the row.
Early December 61 is among twelve Deb Stars selected at the ninth annual Deb Star Ball. Her escort is young actor Anthony Hall. Eventually she and Maurine Dawson learn that they will be excluded from Bob Hope’s December 13 NBC-TV show, but columnist Barney Glazer calls Bob’s brother and the decision is redeemed.
January 62 she and Anthony Hall are pictured engaging in a bit of sword play as a Hollywood party diversion
c. August 63 is featured in Life
May 64 is seen at the Watusi Room at P.J.’s with Nick Venet. Others noted that night are Paul Raffles with Linda Evans, Jackie Lane with Dan Ellis, and Beverly Adams with Burt Sugarman.
Early September 66 attends Eddie Fisher’s soiree for actor Richard Harris with Bob Neal. Others in the crowd are Sharon Tate with Steve Brandt, Jim Stacy with Sheila Wells, Alex Cord with Rita Thiel, Dinah Shore with Alan Horowitz, Sue Lyon with Bob Towne, Kami Stevens with George Burns, Ann Noyes with Sal Mineo, Joey Heatherton with Jimmy Hawkins, Leslie Ann Warren with Scooter Teague, and Deanna Lund with Paul Robertson.
October 66 is seen at the Villa Nova with Bob Neal
November 66 is seen at The Other Place with Bob Neal
April 67 she and Bon Neal are noted at Stefanino’s
October 67 attends Joan Cohn’s fancy birthday party for Laurence Harvey with Bob Neal. Other guests are Jill St. John with Jack Jones, Millie Katleman with Dominick Dunne, Nancy Kovack with Charles Kahn, Jocelyn Lane with Beldon Katleman, Micheline Lerner with Karl Schell, Trini Lopez with Kathie Browne, and Camilla Sparv with Bob Evans.
January 69 attends the Jerry Ohrbachs' swinging soiree with Bob Neal. Among the guests: Micheline Lerner with David Gorton, Lee Anderson with stockbroker Richard Tomarkin, and Governor and Mrs. Ronald Reagan.
4 November 72 marries James Robert Neal, Texas millionaire, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Columnist Dorothy Manners reports that Dolores and Neal have been going together several years.
April 77 divorces Neal in Los Angeles
15 February 90 as Dolores Faith Neal, she dies of suicide at age 48 in Miami, Florida
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