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(Dorothy E. Abbott)
16 December 20 is born in Kansas City, Missouri, to William V. and Helen M. Abbott
? is an Earl Carroll showgirl
November 47 is hailed a dancing cutie in Paramount’s upcoming Road to Rio
? is a Paramount stock player making $150 a week
January 48 she and fellow starlet Lucy Knoch promote the start of the beach baseball season in Hollywood
49 ? marries Adolph “Rudy” Diaz, of Mescalero-Apache descent, a renowned and dashing narcotics squad officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. He’s about 31; she’s about 28.
January 49 she and fellow starlet Gloria DeWerd are pictured poolside in fur coats and fur-lined boots gulping hot tea
July 49 poses with Red Skelton and Betty Arlen between scenes of Neptune’s Daughter
50 is named “Miss Wilshire Club,” “Miss Los Angeles Transit,” and “Miss Oil Cans”
51 makes $175 per week by dancing in Aaron Slick from Punkin Crick and is the lead in little theater productions at night
is reported shopping around for good real estate investments. “She bought for a song a nice house that had to be moved because of the new Hollywood freeway. She fixed up the house on a Hollywood lot and now leases it for a pretty penny.”
July 51 promotes a single unit that combines kitchen range, refrigerator, sunk, drainboard, and storage drawer
August 55 resides in Hollywood with her husband, her mother and her daughter. “The versatile TV actress makes many of her own clothes and also is a licensed real estate broker - ‘just in case’...”
June 57 is cast as a detective in Pal Joey
August 62 her husband is one of the first officers called to Marilyn Monroe’s house after her suicide
November 64 columnist Mike Connolly reports “Ann Sothern’s been doing the everynight pheasant en cocotte bit (with a split or two of Chateau Cheval Blanc on the side) with handsome Sergeant Rudy Diaz of the Los Angeles Police Department’s Homicide Division - and believe me, the ain’t discussing homicide...”
January 65 her husband and Ann Sothern are noted at the Hollywood Foreign Press party
November 67 after 21 years of service, her husband resigns from the homicide division to become an actor
June 68 divorces Diaz in Los Angeles. Diaz will die at age 88 in 2006 in Los Angeles.
5 / 15 December 68 kills herself at age 47 in Los Angeles after the breakup of her marriage
? as Dorothy E. Diaz, she is interred at Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, Los Angeles County, California, Plot: Valley Lawn, Lot 2939
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