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(Mary Louise Welch)
15 November 30 is born in Hollywood
? debuts on stage at age 4
May 49 marries her high school sweetheart Wallace “Wally” J. Russell, one of four brothers of actress Jane Russell. He’s 20; she’s 18.
? considers renaming herself Leslye Ballard, but her studio considers that name “too stagy”
October 49 the press tells that she, “formerly a Bible student, signed a five-year contract with a clause requiring her to pose for cheesecake art”
November 49 will get the full glamour girl buildup at Universal-International
Early 50 tours Germany and other parts of Europe, to promote Francis9
March 50 is pictured posing with Luke Appling, Chicago White Sox regular shortstop, at the Pasadena, California, training quarters
August 50 is on a Universal-International promotion tour throughout the States to ballyhoo for their upcoming comedy Louisa
is one of the live models presenting fall fashions in local theaters to promote Louisa
the press tells that her husband insists on calling her Louise
her husband is reported in the Navy and stationed at San Diego / got out of the Army in January. He works as a tree surgeon but tries to get into pictures as an actor-singer.
she, her husband and Jane Russell are reported building a Bible school / chapel in Van Nuys
October 50 she and fellow starlets Peggy Castle, Joyce Holden, and Peggy Dow are pictured promoting Universal-International’s school for young players in Hollywood
24 October 51 her daughter Jay Arden is born in Los Angeles
23 November 54 her daughter Jody Ann is born in Los Angeles
March 55 columnist Erskine Johnson reports her “back in the swing as an actress after taking time out for mamahood. She’s been acting on a lot of telefilm shows.”
15 January 57 her son Duke P. is born in Los Angeles
? divorces Russell. He will die at age 75 in 2004 in Las Vegas.
6 February 60 marries Keith E. Rogers in Ventura County. He’s 37; she’s 29.
75 as Mary Lou Rogers, she resides in Simi Valley. Her husband teaches in the Los Angeles school district. The couple has seven children and two dogs.
January 75 will be the star of Hello Dolly, the next musical production of the Simi Valley Horizon Players
? resides with her husband in Simi Valley, California
30 June 10 becomes the widow of Rogers
22 July 14 as Mary L. Rogers she dies at age 83 in Simi Valley, California
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