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11 March 31 is born in Kansas City, Missouri, to Mr. and Mrs. Brewster, nee Craddock
? lives on her father’s farm until she’s sixteen
? spends two years at the University of Kansas majoring in drama
? works as secretary at a Kansas City TV / radio station
? starts doing weather shows and panels on local TV
Mid-54 goes to Los Angeles
May 56 is pictured posing with mummy Alvaro Guillot to promote their The Pharaoh’s Curse
October 56 columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “The romance between director Dick Bare and Diane Brewster is at an end. Dick is dating actress Nancy Hale, who worked in the last of his “Cheyenne” TV films at Warners. And I hear that Diane will marry a Hollywood agent...”
26 January 57 is on the cover of Picturegoer
Summer 58 gets her movie break via “Maverick” TV episodes
August 58 is quoted: “I wanna get married. I’ve only been in love twice. I don’t know what happened. I guess nobody wants me.”
will be opposite George Montgomery in Stallion Trail
6 February 59 she and Dr. Jabe Walker, a San Fernando Valley oral surgeon, announce their engagement in Hollywood. It will be the first marriage for both.
c. May 59 marries Jabe Z. Walker. He’s 36; she’s 28.
March 60 Carroll returns to her: “The doctor has told actress Diane Brewster to expect the baby April 1. Diana, wife of Dr. Jabe Walker in private life, expects to return to her “Islander” TV series early in May...”
29 May 60 her son, Dean C., is born in Los Angeles
25 July 61 her daughter, Lynn D., is born in Los Angeles
12 November 91 as Diane Brewster Walker, she dies at age 60 in Studio City, California, of heart failure
? is cremated; her ashes are given to her family
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