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18 December 25 is born in Prestatyn, North Wales, of Irish descent
38 actor Patrick Brock spots her at a Dublin tram shop and introduces her to the Gate Theatre Company
Fall 45 is on the London stage with Junior Miss
c. 46 is discovered in London by producer Darryl F. Zanuck. He's on his way home from the war and casts her as Amber for his upcoming production Forever Amber. To director John M. Stahl she's "like a little girl dressed up in her mother's clothes".
March 46 starts filming Amber on California's Monterey Peninsula
May 46 is frequently seen at the Mocambo while making Amber
the filming of Amber is halted when she doesn't measure up physically to the fictional Amber. This hiatus causes 20th Century-Fox a loss of $500,000.
October 46 is replaced by Linda Darnell for the role of Amber
47 films Moss Rose on the island of Ischia
February 47 celebrates her 21st birthday on the set of Moss Rose
March 47 denies all rumors that she is romantically involved with A&P heir Huntington Hartford: "I did go out with him to dinner a couple of times," she says, "and that's the extent of my interest."
April 47 dates Cary Grant. They keep it very much to themselves, and she is certainly his type.
May 47 Grant dines with Freddie Lonsdale at a well-known Hollywood spot when she comes in, all out of breath, dressed to the teeth. "I'm here to say goodbye to an English friend," she says, and promptly joins Cary and Freddie. The three sit for a few moments, then the two men go out. She leaves shortly afterwards, but not with them.
is Amber for 39 days, then Zanuck decides against her
June 47 becomes more or less steady with Eddie Lasker. They're seen out dining at the Chanteclair.
April 48 will stay on at Peter Hard's New Mexico ranch for another two week's vacation
May 48 her six-month absence in England, making Escape, seems to have made her and wealthy Huntington Hartford II, even fonder of each other. He will later marry actress Marjorie Steele.
her mother, Margaret Tracy, plays the small but effective role of Anna in Smart Woman
resumes her romance with her original sweetie-pie and fiancé, Bob Landry. They were to have married two years ago. Then, when she started Forever Amber, she gave Bob the air. Now she apparently realizes that a good man is worth twenty careers.
July 48 is seen out again with Huntington Hartford
just before ending her contract with 20th Century-Fox, she buys a big Hollywood house and moves her grandmother over from England. She will be off to Rome and will either take her grandmother back home or provide her with a home here.
14 August 48 attends a Hollywood party given for Darryl F. Zanuck
October 48 is with her mother en route to Rome, where she'll star in The Case of Lady Brocke for Alexander Korda
is expected to dash back to Hollywood if talk of a role in Vespers in Vienna goes beyond the talking stage
mulls offers to star in three Broadway shows
March 49 returns to Hollywood from London to learn that she is engaged to a West Point cadet named Howard, a fellow she's never heard of. Peggy's grandmother nearly died during her absence, and Peggy had a three-week siege of flu in a London clinic. She has no romance, but brought over a new dog.
April 49 her British admirer, Derek Dunnett, visits her in Hollywood for three weeks, but she still insists there are no marriage plans
does Gun Crazy before going to London for a picture with Gregory Ratoff. She may announce her engagement to Dunnett before she leaves.
May 49 spends two weeks on a range brushing up on target practice for her assignment in Gun Crazy. Her part calls for her to use both revolvers and rifles, and by the time the picture is completed the studio prop department estimates she will fire more than $850 worth of ammunition.
she and Dunnett will announce their engagement in London this summer. He returned to England after visiting her in Hollywood.
June 49 her escort to the Hollywood opening of Brigadoon is actor John Dall, her co-star in Gun Crazy
has a big crush on Dall, and vice versa. Her romance with Britisher Derek Dunnett is in the icebox.
August 49 it's all over between her and Dunnett, so she says during a business call from London to Joe Lewis, her director in Gun Crazy.
September 49 her steady escort in Rome is Alan Curtis
April 50 is just back in Hollywood after filming in Europe. She is followed by her devoted swain, Tony Grassi, who still hopes to get her to the altar despite her mother's disapproval.
11 July 50 announces her engagement to London businessman Derek Dunnett in London. They plan to marry in October. He's 29; she's 24. They met in England recently while she was working in a movie.
September 50 attends the British Film Festival
December 50 marries Dunnett in London. Mrs. Kenneth Harper is one of the bridesmaids. He's 29; she's about 25.
July 51 attends a fashion show in Hertfordshire, England
April 52 her swank Mayfair apartment is robbed by burglars who entered through a window and took a mink coat worth $4,200 and $1,400 in jewels
March 54 her baby is due
c. April 54 her son, William, is born in London
55 attends the London premiere of A Star is Born
56 attends the Variety Club's All Star Gala at the Festival Gardens, London, with Terence Morgan. Stars seen include Julia Arnall, Tonia Bern, Derek Bond, George Baker, John Gregson, Belinda Lee, John Pertwee, Kenneth More, Tony Wright, Janette Scott, Shirley Ann Field, Petula Clark, and Robert Morley.
? she and Dunnett make their home on a large farm / estate in Suffolk
Spring 58 guests at Film Review’s Film Star’s Brain Trust at the Dorchester, London
February 59 is among the British film stars who visit the House of Commons in London to protest the cinema tax
62 her daughter is born
99 lives on the Sussex coast
April 99 attends the funeral of Patrick Brock
10 July 00 becomes the widow of Dunnett, who dies at age 79 in Sussex
May 03 makes a personal appearance at the CAA in Covent Garden as part of Movie Memories Day
29 December 17 dies at age 92 in London, England
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