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(Margaret Dolores Katherine Casey)
9 February 13 is born in Brooklyn, New York, of Irish descent, to Mr. and Mrs. Casey, nee Daly
30 graduates from Sacred Heart Convent, New York
? enrolls at Columbia University for a course in journalism
? is stricken with tuberculosis and is forced to retire from her classes
? starts as a commercial model in New York
? is screen-tested and put under a one-year-contract by United Artists
? the year at United Artists goes by without a part in a single picture
November 34 is put under contract by Paramount
? becomes a Goldwyn Girl
December 34 the press tells: “ A lucky beauty is Dolores Casey. She wasn’t looking for a movie job when she posed for a New York commercial photographer, but a sharp-eyed film talent scout saw the picture, liked it, and rushed around to sign her up. So now she’s in Hollywood, ready for her career.”
April 36 singer-actor Arthur Tracy is reported keeping the long distance telephone busy with transcontinental messages to her. “Tracy met her in London, not long after a Reno divorce cut the ties that bound him to his former wife, and from that time on the pair were - as the Broadway columnists say - ‘seen everywhere together.’”
19 April 36 is admitted to a Monrovia, California, sanitarium for a long fight against tuberculosis of the throat. The press tells that her friends - director Ray McCarey and actor William Frawley amongst - collected money and deposited a thousand dollars to her account to pay for her treatment. The well-known physician Dr. E. C. Moore says he will care for her.
December 36 columnist Walter Winchell reports on her, “who was so ill for too long is on the mend and so beautiful again...”
January 38 the press heralds: “Two years ago Dolores Casey, promising actress, was given a contract by a Hollywood studio. Then tuberculosis developed, and she spent months in a hospital. She has just returned to the films, and her first part is that of a nurse in the Bing Crosby picture Dr. Rhythm.”
September 38 columnist Charles G. Sampas lists her among his stars of tomorrow
Late December 38 reveals her engagement to Bob Linden, assistant film director
April 41 columnist Harrison Carroll reports: “Nice to hear that Dolores Casey will be out of the sanitarium in four more weeks. Dolores is one of Hollywood’s prettiest girls. She has been sick for a year and a half. Some of her pals have stuck by her. Eddie Moran for one. Paramount also can take a bow for its generosity. The studio has kept Dolores under contract all through her illness...”
? marries
11 May 45 as Margaret Dolores Wynne, she dies at age 32 in Hollywood, California
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