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4 August 33 is born in Forest Gate, London, England. Her mother's maiden name is Patrick.
c. 54 is a beauty parlor assistant
? starts as a hairdresser’s model
? Daily Sketch proclaims her “Shape of the Year”
? is discovered by producer Jack Hylton in the English version of Broadway’s Wish You Were Here. She will be in four of his shows.
? is hailed as the British Marilyn Monroe
April 54 is on the London stage in Pal Joey
Late 54 marries Arthur Mason in East Ham. Mason helps her break into the entertainment world by giving her sound advice and constant encouragement.
December 54 is booked for the new Crazy Gang show at the Victoria Palace, London
59 shortly before his death, the press romantically links her to Dennis Hamilton, ex of actress Diana Dors
4 February 59 attends Hamilton’s funeral
? marries renowned British fashion photographer Terry O’Neill
? her two children are born
? attempting a comeback, she puts a stunning picture of herself in the Spotlight Casting Directory. Her face has matured, and she looks like a blonde Billie Whitelaw.
? divorces O’Neill, who will marry actress Faye Dunaway in 1983
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