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(June Shirley Kirby)
5 January 28 is born in Brooklyn, New York, to Robert P. and Martha C. Kirby, nee Carmack
46 models in advertisements for Chesterfield cigarettes
May 46 is featured in PIC
July 46 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen knows: “Carnival chorine June Kirby and agency head David March are swooning...!”
46 is featured in Cover Girl
August 46 promotes the New York lamp show
September 46 welcomes the convenience of a lightweight plastic date kit that carries make-up, cigarettes and money
October 46 is chosen “Posture Queen of America” by the National Chiropractic Association
29 March 47 is featured in Collier's
June 47 poses for Lois Leeds
January 48 columnist Earl Wilson advises: “Get your mind off the cold weather by taking a peek at June Kirby, cutie at the Diamond Horseshoe and Susan Thompson, the Glass Hat’s songstress..”
Wilson’s back to her: “If you’re fiddling around the Diamond Horseshoe catch June Kirby in Violins Over B’way...”
March 49 replaces Gregg Sherwood in a New York musical comedy. “Latter withdrew because she wanted to act. All Miss Kirby has to do, according to contract, is ‘breathe.’”
May 49 Wilson writes: “Now I don’t want to shock you but sometimes you might even see a prominent married man there (where is “there”? Maybe change: Wilson, in writing about…., says:) with his limousine waiting. One ‘repeater’ is a wealthy Floridian, Bill Liebow, a bachelor, who often picks up Miss June Kirby. Some girls think of him as being a very old man and that is true because he is way up in his 30s....”
September 50 columnist Ed Sullivan knows “TV Guide’s Mike O’Shea and June Kirby of Peep Show blazing...”
is featured in Whisper
November 50 columnist Walter Winchell reports: “Richard Towers, assistant stage manager of Peep Show, and June Kirby of Gents Prefer Blondes will telescope...”
August 51 Kilgallen reports: “June Kirby, one of the statuesque belles in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, will waltz down the aisle with Richard Towers. He’s stage manager for a legit show...”
March 52 Mickey Rooney is reported making “the grand tour of the nighteries with showgirl June Kirby, who towers over him...”
June 53 columnist Louella Parsons knows: “Lawrence Tierney has it bad for former showgirl, June Kirby, in New York. They sit and hold hands and drink milk...”
July 53 Kilgallen adds: “The brave girl dating Lawrence Tierney is June Kirby, of the musical comedy stage. But he looked sober, amiable and unmenacing as they duetted at the Club Zanzibar, so maybe the reform wave is on...”
August 53 Wilson reports: “Howard Hughes’ Las Vegas date is June Kirby, the Sahara showgal...”
March 54 is featured in Gala
April 54 performs at Las Vegas’ Sahara Hotel
January 55 Winchell tells: “Actress June Kirby and Kenneth Berg are expected to commit merger...”
March 55 is featured in Pageant
July 55 is one of six Goldwyn Girls ”picked by Sam Goldwyn, Sr., average age 21. They leave for New York where they will fan out for personal appearance tours to plug Guys and Dolls. The blondes are Larri Thomas, June Kirby, and Pat Sheehan. The brunettes are Barbara Brent, Madelyn Darrow, and Jann Darlyn."
September 55 “Those dolls at the Harwyn were Goldwyn Girls Jann Darlyn and June Kirby in town to drum up biz for Guys and Dolls. Their guys were Dave Kislak and Kenneth Berg. Plenty lucky...”
Kilgallen tells: “June Kirby, the dazzling blonde member of the Goldwyn Girls, isn’t likely to give her heart to any of the local fellows while she’s here. It belongs to Larry Sloane, a Las Vegas press agent...”
May 58 is featured in TV Guide
June 56 she and fellow Goldwyn Girls Suzanne Alexander, Madelyn Darrow, and Jann Darlyn are reported returning to Hollywood after visiting Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, and Australia
July 60 Winchell expects her to marry “Major Ray Whitlock of the Marine Corps at Palo Verdes August 20th...”
20 August 60 marries Ray Beekman Whitlock in Los Angeles. He’s 38; she’s 32.
31 October 61 her daughter, Shawn Kathleen, is born
23 December 84 becomes the widow of Whitlock, who dies in Augusta, Georgia
? marries Bob Przybysz
20 resides in Aiken, South Carolina
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