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11 August 24 is born in Minneapolis, Minnesota
46 is crowned "Rheingold Beer Girl"
46 Warner Brothers signs her for a screen test. On her first day there, Gary Cooper invites her to lunch at the executive dining room.
becomes the protégé of Jack Warner's confidant, Richard Gully
48 dates young John F. Kennedy. They spend an evening together at Warner's with Rita Hayworth and Aly Khan, Clark Gable and Lady Ashley, and Grace Kelly and Oleg Cassini. The Shah of Iran, who had requested an introduction to her, attends alone. Since she's still a virgin, she declines his invitation to Sun Valley on a ski holiday, after consulting Gully.
August 49 is the preview companion of popular Hollywood squire Philip Reed at the screening of The Stratton Story
April 51 starts a beauty column for a newspaper syndicate
16 April 51 marries actor Lex Barker in New York City, after a spat that threatened to call the whole thing off
October 51 honeymoons with Lex Barker in France, Italy, and England
15 October 52 receives a divorce from Lex Barker in Santa Monica, after being called a "hick from Minnesota." He will marry actress Lana Turner in 1953.
June 54 dates the brother of the Queen of Greece
54 marries actor Fernando Lamas
November 55 suffers a facial neuralgia and loses her part in War and Peace to Anita Ekberg
December 55 fights with Lamas in public
56 quarrels with co-star Rhonda Fleming while filming Slightly Scarlet
January 56 Lamas is in Europe; she's at home ill
20 January 58 gives birth to her son Lorenzo. He will become a TV actor.
September 59 reconciles with Fernando Lamas for the sake of their son Lorenzo
August 60 receives her divorce from Lamas on the grounds of mental cruelty
15 October 60 marries Christian R. Holmes, heir to the Fleischman Yeast fortune, in Pueblo, Mexico
3 August 61 gives birth to her daughter Christina
13 October 64 obtains a divorce in Santa Monica on the grounds of mental cruelty
23 December 64 marries importer and wine expert Alexis Lichine in Bridgetown, Barbados
69 divorces Lichine
7 December 69 marries business executive Rounsevelle W. Schaum in New York City
8 December 70 gives birth to her son Rounsevelle Andreas
76 her marriage ends in divorce
Summer 84 marries perfume executive Marc Rosen aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean
29 November 21 dies at age 96 in New York City
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