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(Marjorie Goss)
16 March c. 21 is born in Durand, Wisconsin, one of two daughters of Galen Goss, an Eau Claire County highway commissioner, and his wife Alma
? her father dies
? organizes the dramatic club at Durand High School
? wins the Midwest Champion Open Equestrienne Class in Eau Claire
? graduates from high school
44 moves with her mother to Beverly Hills, California
? works as a Christmas card designer
? works for the Western Costume Company
? starts designing men’s costumes for 20th Century Fox’s Dragonwyck, State Fair, and The Dolly Sisters
? goes to New York to design costumes for a Leland Hayward play that does not open
? attends the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York
? is on the Little Theater stage
? chooses her grandmother’s name, Christine Larson, as her stage name
? returns to Los Angeles
March 48 columnist Louella Parsons writes: “Youka Troubetzkoy, Barbara Hutton’s brother-in-law, has a plan to stage a long road race in Las Vegas. He will come to Hollywood to see Christine Larson to whom he writes all the time...” Later, Christine will say: “All the while he filled my apartment with flowers and things like that. But we had dissimilar aims in life and that finally caused me to break the engagement. You know, I think he may have suspected all American women are a tiny bit crazy. He used to ask me why I worked all the time.”
July 48 columnist Ruth Brigham knows: “John Howard is devoting his date time to beautiful Christine Larson, actress, set designer and otherwise talented...”
? is named “Best Queen of Rodeos”
July 49 Parsons returns to her: “John Howard’s New York romance with Justine Forrestal, advertising executive, has cooled. His new romantic interest is Christine Larson, designer of greeting cards...”
November 49 wins the talent quest on Los Angeles TV’s “Lights, Camera, Action” and is selected to act in the Pyramid production Golden Ball. She is also picked by director Richard Whorf to appear in Champagne for Caesar.
? suffers from appendicitis and malnutrition due to eating nothing but baby foods. Her contract with producer Harry Popkin falls through, and she spends six months in the hospital and convalescing.
24 March 50 is on stage in Good Night Ladies opposite Buddy Ebsen at Long Beach’s Municipal Auditorium Concert Hall
September 51 columnist Erskine Johnson reports: “The eyeful who is Mickey Rooney’s new steady is Christine Larson, a click in The Well. In low heels, she’s Mickey’s size...”
c. 52 has an affair with Ronald Reagan, who’s married to actress Nancy Davis
February 52 lives with her cat, Junior Runior, in a house that she bought in Beverly Glen. Her ambitions outside her career are to one day own an Austrian Lippizan horse and to marry and have three children. Her mother is married to Earl Gahagan, Los Angeles businessman; her sister, Rosabel, is married to Los Angeles lawyer Donald Murchinson.
November 52 hits the news by claiming her Hollywood neighbor is spying on her with a periscope. She claims 57-year-old Herbert Kubowitz came to her house to repair some plumbing. Then, he bought the house next door, moved in and offered to fix her porch, build her a garage and fix the plumbing - all for free. She turned him down. Then he cut down all the shrubbery and “used to sit and look over here all the time. When I put up a trellis, he put up a spotlight facing my place. I made the trellis higher and then he put up a periscope.” The police inform her there is no anti-periscope ordinance in Hollywood.
October 61 she and Lew Ayres are reported cooing
November 61 columnist Walter Winchell tells: “Lew Ayres’ new lewlew is actress Christine Larson...”
13 February 73 as Christine I. Larson, she dies in Los Angeles
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