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(Roberta Anne Neyland)
c. 34 is born in Mississippi
? relocates to Dallas, Texas, at age 9
? enters her first beauty pageant at age 16
c. 51 is “Miss Dallas” at Galveston’s Splash Day
? columnist Earl Wilson notes her on Nicky Hilton’s arm at the Dallas Statler Hilton opening
? is crowned “Miss Texas”
Summer 56 gives up modeling in Dallas and goes to Hollywood
? reads for director André De Toth and is cast for his upcoming Hidden Fear as John Payne’s girlfriend
May 57 columnist Louella Parsons knows: “Now we know what girl is on Elvis Presley’s mind, because while he was under pentothal (a truth serum) having the cap from his teeth removed from his lung at Cedars of Lebanon, he kept calling for Anne. Who is Anne? Well, it just happens the Anne he was referring to is Anne Neyland, the pretty blonde recently signed at MGM...”
June 57 is the holder of “Miss Body Beautiful” and 30 similar titles when signed to a term contract by MGM
columnist Harrison Carroll knows: “One thing about Elvis Presley - he always wants his girls to meet his mother. He has invited his latest interest, MGM actress Anne Neyland, to visit his family in Memphis after the finish of Jailhouse Rock. Meanwhile, Anne’s mother, Mrs. Edwina Neyland, operator of a private kindergarten in Dallas, is coming out here for a month...”
Mid-July 57 is seen at Jack’s at the Beach with Russ Tamblyn
Late July 57 Carroll notes her at the Club Seville with Steve Peck
August 57 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells: “Anne Neyland is following a pattern familiar to students of Hollywood romance. After getting her picture in half the papers in the nation as Elvis Presley’s new love (the one following Yvonne Lime), she’s now turning up in the night spots with Steve Peck...”
January 58 Carroll tells: “I asks Anne Neyland who her new boyfriend is. ‘Oh,’ she replied, ‘he’s not new. I’ve been going with Rad Fulton for almost a month.’”
February 58 she and Rad Fulton are among the first night diners at Panza’s Lazy Susan restaurant
December 58 she and John Harold Criswell, a.k.a. Christopher Welles, a press agent, announce their engagement. She met Welles two years ago when he was doing some acting.
14 December 58 marries John Harold Criswell in Las Vegas
January 59 columnist Mike Connolly knows: “Rad Fulton was too busy concentrating on his new career as a star. So starlet Anne Neyland called the whole thing off and married press agent Christopher Welles in Las Vegas.”
August 59 is back on her feet again following an operation and is flooded with movie offers
December 59 says about Elvis: “He’s a joke, and anyone who associates with him is also considered a joke in this town. He is just a small town boy, animalistic and honest but small town. I want nothing more to do with what he stands for.”
March 60 Carroll tells: “Apparently it’s a separation for actress Anne Neyland (she once hit the headlines by dating Elvis Presley) and her husband of little more than a year, Christopher Welles. I hear Anne may visit her family in Texas...”
April 60 Carroll returns to her: “The separation rumors about him and Anne Neyland were wrong, Christopher Welles tells me. Anne went to Texas, he says, because her brother was injured gravely in an automobile accident..”
August 60 is a new twosome with Christopher Knight
September 60 tells Carroll that she will file for divorce from Welles on September 24. “The heartache made me grow up,” she says. “I’m sure I’ll be a better actress for it.”
26 October 60 Welles is held in the Los Angeles County jail on her complaint that he threatened to knife her to death. The 28-year-old sub-contractor is jailed on suspicion of assault with intent to commit murder and grand theft auto. Anne says he forced her into her car, slapped her, tore her dress and waved a 12-inch butcher knife, saying he was going to kill her.
December 61 columnist Louis Sobol tells that Desi Arnaz “is doing his ‘forgetting’ with Anne Neyland...”
26 May 62 marries Eugene R. Fowler in Riverside. He’s 46; she’s 27.
? divorces Fowler
3 October 65 marries Charles D. Rosher in Los Angeles. He’s 30; she’s 31.
June 69 /70 divorces Rosher in Los Angeles
24 April 19 dies at age 84 in Camarillo, California
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