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(Cynthia Anne Culpepper)
4 September 40 is born in Hollywood to Jack and Dawn Pepper, nee Stanton. Her father's a nightclub performer and vaudevillian and the first husband of actress Ginger Rogers; her mother's a retired dancer who once worked for producer Billy Rose.
? debuts on Broadway at age 4
? attends Hollywood High
50 has an uncredited part in Cheaper by the Dozen
55 James Dean wishes her a happy fifteenth birthday
? models for Conover
April 60 marries Mervyn L. "Buck" Edwards in Los Angeles. He's 23; she's 19.
September 61 when Ginger Rogers is shooting a pilot film in the same studio where Cynthia is doing "Margie," Cynthia introduces herself to her father's ex-wife. The two get along famously, lunching together frequently while they are working near to one another.
November 61 is among 12 finalists in the annual Deb Star Ball sponsored by the Hollywood Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Union. The others are: Mary Jane Saunders, Noreen Corcoran, Cheryl Holdridge, Mikki Jameson, Ann Del Guercio, Dolores Faith, Darlene Tompkins, Angela Dorian, Joan Staley, Maurine Dawson, and Cynthia Lynn.
June 62 20th Century-Fox is reported planning a new TV series for her
63 is let go by Fox due to the financial debacle of Cleopatra
64 becomes good friends with fellow actress Yvonne Craig during the filming of Kissin’ Cousins
is in Rome for a month to film the television pilot "Three Coins in the Fountain." Her co-stars are Joanna Moore and Yvonne Craig. After filming, she and Yvonne travel to Florence, Venice, Vienna, Paris, and London.
65 does a pilot for "Sally and Sam," which goes unsold
18 August 65 her son, Michael L., is born in Los Angeles
July 68 divorces Edwards in Los Angeles
6 September 69 marries James M. Pazillo in Los Angeles. He's 30; she's 28.
00 appears at autograph shows and some Elvis gatherings with his other leading ladies
? as Cynthia A. Pazillo, she has addresses in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Beaverton, Oregon
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