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(Marguerite Natalie Trundy Campana)
5 August 40 is born in Boston, Massachusetts, to Francis Paul and Natalie T. Campana; her father is Irish and her mother is Italian
? at age nine, she convinces her parents that she should take dancing lessons
October 52 stars in a musical version of Little Red Riding Hood on the "Fred Waring Show" on WHEN at age 11
? graduates from the Professional's Children School in New York
? attends Briarcliff College, Briarcliff Manor, New York
November 53 is on the New York stage opposite Janet Blair in A Girl Can Tell
Summer 56 debuts in the Italian Montecarlo, a.k.a. The Monte Carlo Story, filmed at Rome's Titanus Studio
27 August 56 returns to New York from Monte Carlo aboard the Italian liner Saturnia “along with French poodles she received for her birthday. She said that during a news conference in Monte Carlo Marlene Dietrich, star of a movie in which Miss Trudy had a role, threw a pair of gloves at her and refused to be photographed with her."
Marlene Dietrich says she can survive Natalie calling her "a cold fish." Marlene is still filming The Monte Carlo Story at Rome's Titanus Studio when news of Natalie's blast reaches her. She is reported listening calmly while Natalie's remarks, made in New York, are read to her. "She's young and she needs the publicity," Marlene says. "She probably would have got no publicity without the tirade."
February 57 lives in New York next door to Helen Hayes and her son, James MacArthur, "but she seldom sees young Jimmy"
58 is voted Number One Deb in New York
March 58 is pictured with her escort, Arthur MacArthur, son of General and Mrs. Douglas MacArthur, enjoying themselves at a New York nightclub. "Young MacArthur has been Miss Trundy's escort for the past five months."
June 58 columnist Walter Winchell reports her dating the son of General Fulgencia Batista, military leader of Cuba
July 58 Winchell asks: “Is Batista's son Jorge trying to do a young Trujillo? Nice bracelet he gave beautiful young socialite Natalie Trundy which she wore to Ed Wynne's Harwyn when double dating young socialite actor George Hamilton and young Paul Fagan the Third and don't forget that Third (Swell to be young - and rich. Or even old and rich.)"
Early August 58 Winchell reports her "temporarily shelving her acting career to prepare for her Christmas debut, also shelving poundage but not Arthur MacArthur, the General's handsome son..."
Mid-August 58 is seen at the Harwyn with 18-year-old Jorge Batista
Late-August 58 columnist Earl Wilson knows: "General Batista's son Jorge loaned actress Natalie Trundy his car (and State Department guards) for a ride to Connecticut..."
September 58 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen tells: "Alan Ladd, Jr., son of the screen star, has been dating young actress Natalie Trundy, but has slim chance of winning her affections. She's enamored of Eduardo Ross, a handsome South American horse breeder..."
January 59 Walter Winchell knows: "Merv Griffin's glazed look came from his torrid romance with socialite Natalie Trundy..."
March 59 Earl Wilson writes: "Debutante Natalie Trundy (who dated General Batista's son till the revolution) got an offer to sing with Pat Dorn's society band..."
is seen out with the Aga Khan
Mid-June 59 is reported having "a tiff with beau Charles Hirshon - he wants her to return to college in the fall..."
Late June 59 her parents of 85 East End Avenue, New York, announce that she is engaged to marry Hirshon. They are expected to marry in the fall.
Early September 59 Earl Wilson reports that she and Hirshon "planned to elope, but decided at the last moment to wait awhile..."
Dorothy Kilgallen writes: "The day after post-deb Natalie Trundy's alleged elopement failed to come off she and 'fiancé' Charles Hirshon were at the Spindletop looking like a couple of candidates for a honeymoon..."
25 September 59 marries Charles H. Hirshon in Baltimore, Maryland. He's about 21; she's 19. Hirshon is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Hirshon of Tahiti and New York’ he attended New Mexico Military Academy and is a graduate from the Storm King School, Cornwall-on-Hudson, New York. He is with the American Tourist Bureau, Inc., in New York. The Protestant ceremony is performed by the Reverend Hans Wagner.
Early January 60 is off to Hollywood to film Walk Like a Dragon; Hirshon is reported toiling "on a plan for Tahiti real estate investment. But He will be able to join her in a few days..."
Late January 60 columnist Harrison Carroll writes: "Everybody on the Walk Like a Dragon set was gasping over the fabulous bracelet given to actress Natalie Trundy by her wealthy husband, Charles Hirshon..."
End January 60 Dorothy Kilgallen knows: "Natalie Trundy's intimates are disturbed by rumors that the pretty and much publicized debutante's marriage to wealthy Charles Hirshon is in trouble already. That ol' debbil Career-hers, in the movies - is said to be to blame..."
February 60 she and husband are noted ringside at Frank Sennes' new Ciro's to hear chanteuse Katyna Ranieri. Others attending are Gustavo Rojo with Dorothy Provine, Donald Barry with Helen Talbot, and Eve Johnson with Don Anderson.
Late February 60 she and Hirshon separate after five months of marriage
c. 1 March 60 her husband has to be hospitalized for what police say was an overdose of sleeping pills. Friends say 22-year-old Hirshon had been upset over troubles with his 19-year-old wife. He was found unconscious in his apartment, clutching a picture of her.
Late March 60 is wooed by actor Gustavo Rojo
April 60 Dorothy Kilgallen knows: "There may be fireworks attending the divorce action started by actress Natalie Trundy and her estranged bridegroom, Charles Hirshon. She wants to file in California because those community property laws are so favorable to the ladies; he wants another setting for the divorce decree for exactly the same reasons..."
Mid-May 60 is seen at the Cloister with Bert Sugarman
Late May 60 is noted driving actor Bob Evan's car
June 60 her escort to the Doris Lilly-Nicky Darvas Sherry-Netherland soiree is Dr. Lee Wilson
July 60 Earl Wilson reports that she got her annulment from "wealthy Charles Hirshon in 15 minutes; she didn't ask for alimony..." Hirshon will marry a Tahitian and have two children.
Early December 60 Walter Winchell asks: "Is it serious between Natalie Trundy, the 'post deb' actress, and Bob Evans, the Seventh Avenue actor?..."
February 61 columnist Lee Mortimer writes: "From Flickerville comes more about Mac Krim, 'unknown' until the columnists quipped that Kim Novak couldn't marry him because she didn't like the name Kim Krim. Now he's an amateur 'escort service' for the pretties, which is why my observer caught him with debutante actress Natalie Trundy at Hollywood's Luau..."
January 63 Harrison Carroll reports: "Natalie Trundy's wealthy young South American admirer, Maximilian Huertematte, Jr., went to New York to see her at Christmas. They're still very much in love, but decided to wait a while before announcing their engagement..."
March 63 her new beaumance is reported to be Maximilian Huertematte, "a millionaire from Panama. He's a Tulane University law student..."
May 63 is hospitalized in Los Angeles due to a ruptured disk
June 63 Harrison Carroll knows: "Natalie Trundy tossed a party for her best beau, Maximillian Huertematte, Jr. Still no formal engagement announcement from the pair. Huertematte flies to Panama to work with a firm of attorneys until he has to return to Tulane University for his final year in law school..."
July 63 Walter Winchell expects her to marry Huertematte
October 66 is seen at Tony's Carriage Trade with actor Kevin McCarthy
January 67 columnist Jack O'Brian reports: "actress Natalie Trundy's very social family ain't enchanted with Nat's new beau..."
October 67 she and producer Arthur Jacobs are expected to marry after his Dr. Dolittle opens
February 68 she and Jacobs announce to marry on February 29
March 68 at Danny's, she and Jacobs reveal that they’ve postponed their marriage to May 5, in London
8 June 68 marries Arthur P. Jacobs in London. He's 46; she's 27. Jacobs started as a messenger boy at MGM and was publicist at Warner Brothers before becoming producer.
March 72 the press reports that she lost 10 pounds in a month of shooting Conquest of the Planet of the Apes which her husband is producing
27 June 73 becomes the widow of Jacobs, who dies at age 51 unexpectedly in his sleep from a heart attack at his Los Angeles home. His death comes nine days after cast and crew of his upcoming Huckleberry Finn assembles in Natchez, Mississippi.
4 May 74 marries Carmine Roberto Foggia, Gucci executive at its Rodeo Drive outlet in Los Angeles. He's 30; she's 33. They plan to honeymoon in his native Italy later in the year, where another wedding ceremony is scheduled to be attended by his many relatives and friends who could not make it to California.
August 74 is reported busy working on the affairs of her late husband's company, Apjac
February 76 she and Foggia expect their first son in July
6 August 76 her daughter, Alessandra Annabella Margherita, is born in Los Angeles
September 76 columnist Dorothy Manners reports from Alessandra's baptism party at the Foggia's Beverly Hills home
20 October 77 her son, Francesco A., is born in Los Angeles
December 77 is noted attending Rodeo Drive's lavish Christmas party with her daughter
17 April 80 divorces Foggia in Los Angeles
22 September 82 marries Scott Cristle in Los Angeles. He's 22; she's 42.
? divorces Cristle
20 February 85 marries Andres Lopez in Los Angeles. He's 22; she's 44.
5 December 19 dies at age 79 in Los Angeles
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