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Sharon Wiley
Sharon Wiley
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c. 40 is born in Hammond, Oregon
? attends Reed College
September 59 columnist Lee Mortimer knows: “Sharon Wiley (of Private Lives of Adam and Eve) and Sal Mineo are a brand new twosome hiding away at Pucci’s in Encino, California...”
December 40 columnist Walter Winchell reports her being “today’s Bob Evans item...”
61 ? is crowned “Miss Oregon”
23 August 61 represents Oregon as “Miss U.S.A.” in the “Miss World” contest and looses to Jo Ann Odun
? is crowned “Princess May of Hollywood”
? is official hostess for the Tourist and Convention Bureau of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
9 September 62 she and Leslie Nelson are on hand to grace the opening of the Anaheim Village
The Zanesville Signal, Nevada State Journal, Stevens Point Daily Journal
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