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(Patricia Joy Woodell)
12 January 44 is born in Winthrop, Massachusetts
September 62 columnist Harrison Carroll tells: “Always exciting to be in at the birth of a star. Jerry Lewis is jumping. Everybody wants to hear 18-year-old singer Pat Woodell, Warner contractee, who’s headed for the big time. Pat tells me she already has had singing engagements at Grossingers and at a few other spots in the Catskills. Ringsiding to applause here were Vic Damone, Russ McCubbins, Barbara Hoff and Shirley Yelm with Arthur Crowley...”
63 "Petticoat Junction" makes its debut on CBS with her in the part of Bobbie Jo Bradley, the role for which she will forever be remembered. Decades later in the mid-2000s she will say: "The show has such a nostalgic note that it hits for so many people. Even today, after so many decades, I can be doing anything, anywhere in the world, by the way, and people will remember 'Petticoat Junction.'"
July 63 is reported being the new girl replacing Connie Stevens in Gary Clarke’s life. Columnist Hedda Hopper reveals that Pat is “performing at the Horn in Santa Monica. If you want to see Gary, look there...”
22 December 63 is among the stars of Tennessee Ernie Ford’s Christmas telethon
25 December 63 she and TV actor Clarke F. Laomoreaux, a.k.a. Gary Clarke, star of “The Virginian,” become engaged secretly
Late January 64 she and Clarke announce in Hollywood that they plan to marry in June
February 64 she and Clarke change their marriage date to May
Late April 64 opens at the Copacabana with Jan Murray
6 May 64 she and Clarke get their marriage license at the Los Angeles County Courthouse
9 May 64 marries Clarke at the St. Philip Church in Pasadena. He’s 30; she’s 20. Their honeymoon plans remain undisclosed.
December 64 columnist Earl Wilson tells that three record companies want to sign her
65 grows tired of playing Bobbie Jo Bradley and leaves "Petticoat Junction" after two seasons; the show will run until 1970
May 65 has her first Colpix record out: What Good Would It Do?
December 65 is signed by Bing Crosby for the Crosby Golf Tournament, by George Gobel for his traveling Hollywood Palace, and by Jack Benny for a six-day Canadian tour
August 66 appears in the Music Circus production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
September 69 is on hand to present trophies to winners of the third annual nautical mile run of 11th Naval District held at Valley College in Van Nuys
Early 70s begins appearing in low-budget exploitation films that thrive on nudity and violence. Perhaps the best known is the 1971 women's prison flick The Big Doll House, which exclaims in its trailer: "Their bodies were caged, but not their desires!"
"I have no delusions about this movie," she tells the Chicago Tribune.
2 December 71 rides in the gala Studio City Christmas Parade
73 gives up acting after attending a seminar developed by the controversial Werner Erhard. His est human potential programs are in vogue, and she goes to work for his organization.
May 77 divorces Clarke in San Francisco
? co-founds a business consulting firm
22 June 78 marries Robert V. McDade in Marin County. He’s 30; she’s 34.
13 retires from her business consulting firm
29 September 15 dies at age 71 at her home in Fallbrook, California, after more than a 20-year battle with cancer
in addition to her husband, is survived by her stepfather Joe Saveriano
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