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Leland Rosenberg
Leland Rosenberg
(S. Leland Rosenberg)
? is born in Switzerland
? becomes a lawyer
46 goes to the United States
? works at the United Nations
? marries the daughter of the Chinese ambassador to Mexico
? becomes acquainted with the son of the Mexican president, Miguel Alemán Valdés
? gets divorced
? becomes a friend of young Lance Reventlow, son of Woolworth heiress Barbara Hutton
c. February 52 accompanies Lance Reventlow and the Dominican Republic’s ambassador to the U.S., Manuel Alonzo de Moya, to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II
February 52 columnist Louella Parsons reports: “Gene Tierney, telephoned me from Mexico City. She’s been there for the past ten days, having gone on from Acapulco. She says Leland Rosenberg, who was introduced to her by Joy and Bill Orr, has been showing her the town...”
March 52 columnist Harrison Carroll tells about Gene Tierney: “She tells me that Teddy Stauffer showed her Acapulco and Leland Rosenberg, a friend of Joy and Bill Orr, showed her Mexico City, but she never had a date alone with either of them. Her stand-in, Kay Adele, was always with her...”
Mid-March 52 columnist Earl Wilson thinks that Gene Tierney’s romance is “attorney Leland Rosenberg, who’s got gelt...”
April 52 columnist Dorothy Kilgallen writes that Rosenberg “would like to be Gene Tierney’s permanent slave...”
May 52 tagged an alternate player on the Argentine polo team, he is reported dating Betsy von Furstenberg
July 52 Carroll returns to him: “Leland Rosenberg, popular guest player on the Argentine polo team, is taking an apartment and will stay in Hollywood. That will make MGM’s Dawn Addams happy..."
53 resides in a studio apartment at 26 East 38th Street, New York City
February 53 actress Pier Angeli and her sister Marisa Pavan are reported “rumbling like mad at the Mocambo with Raul de Surandel (of the Brazilian consulate here) and polo player Leland Rosenberg”
30 December 53 at the Pierre, he gives the waiting press the details of Rubirosa’s upcoming wedding to Barbara Hutton. He is named a close friend of Rubirosa and an employee of the Dominican consulate in New York. Afterwards, he is among the few guests at Rubirosa’s marriage to Barbara Hutton at the home of the Dominican consul general in New York, Dr. Joaquin Salazar, at 1100 Park Avenue. Rafael Trujillo, Jr., serves as best man. Lance Reventlow and Jimmy Donohue also attend.
13 January 54 he and Barbara Hutton’s maid are the only two to accompany her and her husband Rubirosa on a delayed Palm Beach honeymoon. They travel in a chartered 88-passenger Constellation.
March 54 as Rubirosa’s attorney, he accompanies him on his converted $200,000 B25 returning to New York City from Palm Beach
April 54 columnist Cholly Knickerbocker reveals: “S. Leland Rosenberg, once young Lance Reventlow’s friend-secretary, and most recently with Barbara Hutton and Rubirosa in the same capacity, is no longer on Rubi’s staff. He has a new job, however, with General Rafael Trujillo, Jr., the son of the generalissimo...”
May 54 Dorothy Kilgallen reports: “Four armed guards waited outside Maude Chez Elle the other day while Gen. Trujillo, son of the Dominican Republic’s dictator, lunched with S. Leland Rosenberg...”
December 54 Knickerbocker returns to him: “Rumors are flying that S. Leland Rosenberg, ex-secretary to Rubirosa, and now private secretary to General Rafael Trujillo, Jr., son of the dictator, will marry Princess Pahlavi, of the shah. Rosenberg was recently made a Dominican citizen by presidential decree, and may shortly be posted to Germany...”
? marries a niece of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran
31 May 61 is among Rafael’s entourage in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, when sons of the Dominican dictator learn about their father’s assassination the day before. With a bag of $27,000 in cash, Rosenberg is sent to lease an Air France jet. So he, Ramfis, Rhadamés, and Rubirosa return to Ciudad Trujillo from Paris.
3 June 61 as the Dominican Ambassador to Berlin, Germany, he issues an armed forces communiqué concerning the hunt for the late Raphael Trujillo’s assassins
9 June 61 tagged the Dominican Ambassador to Iran now acting as special aide and advisor to Rafael Trujillo, Jr., he heads a press conference given with Pedro Livio Cedeno, one of the five captured survivors of the conspiracy, from his guarded hospital bed at air force headquarters outside of Cuidad Trujillo
Late July 61 US press reports from a visit of the Organization of American States to the Dominican Republic: “Leland Rosenberg was appointed to woo and win the Latin American members of the OAS mission. An astute red-headed Dominican of obscure origin, Rosenberg reportedly was ‘discovered’ originally in Paris by Dominican playboy-diplomat Porfirio Rubirosa; was passed on to Rafael Trujillo, Jr., and then to the generalissimo himself.”
27 August 61 as ambassador at large, he accompanies five of Ramfis’ six children, mother, and brother Rhadames, on their arrival at New York International Airport on their way to Europe. The children are said being returned to school abroad. It’s the beginning of the entire family’s flight from the Dominican Republic.
Early January 62 as its first action, the Dominican Republic’s new council of state cancels his special Dominican citizenship and fires Rubirosa
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