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(Gwendolyn Ann White)
8 September 31 is born in Canada. Her father is Will J. White, a famous Canadian concert entertainer; her mother was "Miss Canada of 1918" and a successful model. Her brother, Will J. White, is a future Hollywood actor.
? she and her brother are competitive figure skaters.
49 leaves Toronto for Los Angeles
? is discovered on the beach by Howard Hughes
53 is given a contract by Hughes as well as lessons in acting, singing, and dancing. Her parents are upset because she is not getting enough parts, so Hughes puts her in Son of Sinbad (1955) and lets go of her contract.
October 53 after appearing in The French Line and Son of Sinbad, she is the girl chosen for big screen tests to be shown to movietown high brass
September 54 is a "Miss Rheingold" contestant. The others are Stephanie Griffin, Barbara Wilson, Jean Moorhead, Grace Brown, and Nancy Woodruff. Woodruff wins.
March 55 is featured in Pageant
Late September 55 tests for the role of the Indian princess Aouda in Mike Todd’s upcoming Around the World in 80 Days along with four other women. The part eventually goes to Shirley MacLaine.
March 56 is among four Goldwyn Girls showing up at Wilmington to wish movie mogul Sam Goldwyn and his wife farewell when they sail for Japan aboard the American President Lines SS Cleveland; the others are Jane Darrlyn, Barbara Darrow, and June Kirby.
April 56 plays the daughter of a Louisiana fisherman in a "Crossroads" episode
November 56 the press promotes "Queen for a Day" and heralds that she's unmarried
January 59 she and Jean Moorehead are hostesses on TV's "Peter Potter Juke Box Jury" show
July 59 is one of the regular models on NBC's "Queen For a Day"
13 August 60 is featured in TV Guide
28 September 63 marries Rex Colbert, manager of the MGM Commissary. They wed at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Beverly Hills, California.
May 66 divorces Colbert in Los Angeles
21 September 75 as Gwendolyn A. White, she leaps to her death at age 44 from her hotel room at the Sheraton-Palace Hotel in San Francisco, California.
? is interred at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Her funeral is attended by such notables as Maxine Reeves, Carol Anders, Millicent Deming, and Elaine Devry.
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