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(Barbara Georgine Wittlinger)
18 November 31 is born in Hollywood, California, to a veteran motion picture landscape artist and a former silent screen actress. Her mother's maiden name is Simpson.
21 February 35 her sister Madelyn is born. She will become model-actress Madelyn Darrow.
? leaves Hollywood High to sign a movie contract
October 51 is seen with young actor Robert Wagner at the Bantam Cock
is with young actor Bob Wagner at Ciro's when she gets an invitation for a photo shoot that leads to a meeting with Howard Hughes and a contract with RKO
considers Howard Hughes' right-hand-man, Walter Kane, a little bit slimy
October 53 is a regular midnight-snacker with actor Byron Palmer at the Brown Derby's new coffee shop, even though Palmer is dating Kathryn Grayson
January 54 is seen out with Bill Holmes
April 54 her uncle, ex-actor John Darrow, becomes her agent
June 54 models for Camel cigarettes
December 54 lives with her parents in Van Nuys and hasn’t told her boss yet about plans to marry a young agent sometime next spring
55 has a wonderful time in Paris while on a publicity tour with Wagner and at Chamonix in the French Alps while filming The Mountain
attends hockey games with co-stars Spencer Tracy and Anna Kashfi
Robert Wagner is a darling friend of hers
meets Tom Tannenbaum, son of David Tannenbaum, the mayor of Beverly Hills, at the MGM studios, where both are working
May 55 is one of only three stars under contract to RKO
August 55 is seen out with Pete Sabiston
October 55 the press asks why she wears a wedding ring if she's not married
December 55 has an affair with co-star Robert Wagner during the filming of The Mountain in Europe
July 56 gets engaged to Tannenbaum at Ciro's
28 September 56 marries Thomas David Tannenbaum in evening rites at the home of his parents in Beverly Hills. She's 23; he's 24. Tom is a talent agent at MGM. He will bring actor Roger Moore to Hollywood from England.
the Tannenbaums depart on a honeymoon trip to Honolulu, Hawaii
the Tannenbaums make their home in Malibu
58 films The Monster That Challenged the World at Paradise Cove, Malibu. Leading lady Audrey Dalton wears the white tailored blouse Barbara bought in Geneva after finishing The Mountain.
co-star Eric Fleming is cold and quite arrogant, completely the opposite of Zsa Zsa Gabor, while filming Queen of Outer Space
November 59 is told by doctors to expect her baby May 28th
? is three months pregnant while filming Tall Story
17 May 60 her daughter Madelyn C. is born in Los Angeles
29 June 61 her daughter Audrey C. is born in Los Angeles
28 August 63 her son, Eric T., is born in Los Angeles
May 70 she and Tannenbaum separate
5 June 93 her daughter Audrey marries Dodd Darin, the son of Bobby Darin and Sandra Dee
December 01 becomes the widow of Tannenbaum, who dies at age 69 in Woodland Hills, California
26 August 18 dies at age 86 in Los Angeles, California
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