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(Doreen Dawne)
c. 29 is born in Sunderland, England
? is a model
29 July 51 is second runner-up to Kerstin "Kiki" Haakonson of Sweden in the "Miss World" contest held at the Lyceum Theater in London
? is crowned "Miss England / Great Britain"
15 November 51 competes for the "Miss World 1952" title in London
9 January 52 wins the National Bathing Beauty Contest held in Morecambe, Lancashire
April 54 graces the "Miss New Brighton" pageant in Brighton, England
November 55 she and Shirley Eaton grace Bob Hope's "Royal Command Variety Show" filmed in London
30 July 55 is on the cover of Picturegoer
July 67 is noted attending the 31st All-England Lawn Tennis championships at Wimbledon
2 January 05 dies in Wandsworth, London
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