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Mylene Demongeot
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(Marie-Hélène Demongeot)
29 September 35 is born at the Clinique du Tsarévitch in Nice, France
c. 41 her family moves from Nice to Paris when she’s five
? is offered a piano scholarship at age 16 but turns to modeling
? studies dramatic art with Marie Ventura
58 marries Henri Coste, a French glamour photographer
March 58 Paris movie critics award her their Lemon prize for being uncooperative with the press
September 59 is on the cover of Picturegoer
January 60 promoting Upstairs and Downstairs, the British press heralds her as France’s own answer to Brigitte Bardot
? forms a production company with her director husband
66 divorces Coste
22 September 68 marries Belgium-born director-writer Marc Simenon, the son of author Georges Simenon. He’s 29; she’s 32.
24 October 99 becomes the widow of Simenon, who dies at age 60 in Paris, France
? resides in Nice, France
Modern Man Quarterly, The Stars and Stripes,, Datalia 2002
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