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(Colleen Gallant)
c. 35 is born
? is crowned “Miss New Hampshire”
? is an finalist in the “Miss America” contest
? is a professional water skier performing at Cypress Gardens
? is discovered during a TV show and given a screen test that leads to a contract by 20th Century-Fox
? marries Gerald Weatherby. He’s about 4 years her senior.
15 March 57 obtains an interlocutory divorce decree from Weatherby in Los Angeles Superior Court testifying her marriage was more a brother-and-sister relationship than husband and wife and claiming that her husband stayed out late six nights a week. “He told me many times that his career was more important than anything - even marriage,” she says.
September 57 the press reports she was thrilled to get work in Paramount’s The Joker is Wild, but “she didn't relish the role. It called for her to slap Frank Sinatra, long her idol.”
27 October 58 secretly marries businessman Dwight Lyman Stuart. He’s 34; she’s 22. Stuart is an executive of Carnation Milk Company, of which his father, Elbridge H. Stuart, is president.
13 November 58 reveals her marriage to the Hollywood press
17 December 59 her son Douglas F. is born in Los Angeles
8 July 63 her son Gregory M. is born in Los Angeles
January 76 divorces Stuart in Los Angeles. He will remarry in 1982 and die at age 74 in 1998 in Los Angeles.
? lives at Belgrave Square in London
c. 84 relocates to West Hollywood, California
16 dies in Los Angeles
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