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(Dorothy Mae Johnson)
14 October 36 is born in Superior, Wisconsin / Portland, Oregon
? is crowned “Miss Oregon”
11 September 55 is first runner-up to Kay Ritchie, “Miss Colorado,” at the “Miss America” contest held in Atlantic City, New Jersey. She wins a $3,000 scholarship.
September 56 is in the coat of honor of reigning “Miss America”, Sharon Kay Ritchie, at the “Miss America 1956” pageant in Atlantic City
February 57 is reported having snagged the title role in Pat Boone’s upcoming Bernardine
5 April 57 is the escort of hotel tycoon Conrad Hilton at Frank Sinatra’s opening at the Mocambo
February 58 columnist Harrison Carroll reveals: “Actress Dorothy Johnson (former “Miss Oregon”) and her mother will fly to Cuba in Conrad Hilton’s private plane for the opening of the Havana Hilton..."
? marries Paul White, M.D., and settles with him in Reno, Nevada
? becomes a healthy living advocate
82 becomes a certified nursing assistant
09 has four adult children. Her daughter Dorothy Jean Papadakos is a renowned organist and has written several Broadway Shows.
January 09 works on her book Life Begins at 17
? publishes her book From A to Z, Life Begins at 17

7 April 22 as Dorothy Mae Stevens Papadakos, she dies at age 85 in Ormond Beach, Florida
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